Thanks for your feedback consultation closed on Sunday 30 June 2019.

Brighton Recreational Centre is used by more than 2,000 people per week for community activities, classes, sports, childcare and more and Wilson Reserve is a highly valued open space.

In 2018 Council conducted a social infrastructure assessment that included community and stakeholder consultation to understand how Brighton Rec can be improved to meet community needs now and into the future.

The assessment found that Brighton Rec is ageing and has minimal access or connection to the neighbouring Wilson Reserve.

We want your ideas to help us prepare a design concept for a draft Masterplan for Brighton Rec and Wilson Reserve. We have a short survey below and a number of onsite activities for you to share your ideas.

We also have a hard copy survey and an ideas wall at Brighton Rec where you can pop down and fill in your big ideas at any time during consultation.

In preparation for developing a masterplan, we have conducted a Social Infrastructure Needs Assessment for Brighton Rec that included broad community and stakeholder consultation.

This report is used to assist Council in determining the appropriate mix of spaces and functions that could ultimately be provided within an upgraded or completely redeveloped and reconfigured facility.

It also provides Council with an evidence base to assist in the future planning and re-design of the Centre based on the analysis of policy, population and demographic trends, community and stakeholder issues and aspirations and review of current spaces and programs offered at the facility.

The main findings of the assessment were:

  • BRC is ageing and lacks storage and contemporary design features (e.g., natural light, flexible meeting rooms, waiting areas, spaces for socialisation, commercial space-cafe)
  • The building lacks storage and spaces for group administration
  • The site of the existing centre has minimal interface and connection and access with the neighbouring Wilson Reserve
  • Many of the existing spaces within the Centre are not fit-for-purpose and require significant set up and pack down between activities.

The assessment can be viewed here and the engagement summary can be viewed here

A Masterplan is a long-term planning document that outlines a guide for future growth and development. It takes into consideration the surrounding area, specifically social settings, buildings and surrounding environments.

Council is now developing a masterplan for Brighton Rec and Wilson Reserve to meet the needs of the Brighton community.

The Masterplan will plan for upgrades of community facilities and open space that caters for all abilities and age groups.

To begin we are seeking your ideas and priorities quite broadly on how we can improve Brighton Rec and Wilson Reserve. This information will be used to collate feedback to inform the project brief for the design for the development of the Masterplan.

We will also return to consult broadly on the draft Masterplan and ensure we have heard the community and this is reflected in the design. The second stage of consultation is estimated to take place in early 2020.

At this stage we are only collecting information and ideas on how we can improve the Centre and reserve.

The Masterplan will allow for upgrades of community facilities and open space that caters for all abilities and age groups, with a continued focus on recreation.

Any design concepts will be sensitive to the residential area and will be consistent with the local character.

Parking requirements will be a major consideration in the master plan.

The existing playground has only recently been rebuilt and will remain, with no further development.

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We have a short survey to capture your ideas about how we can improve Brighton Rec and Wilson Reserve