A new pavilion is proposed at the rear of the Beaumaris Community Centre. The Beaumaris Arts/Sports Pavilion (BASP) will be the new home for the Beaumaris Soccer Club, Beaumaris Cricket Club and the Beaumaris Art Group.

The existing buildings used by the soccer, cricket and arts community have reached the end of their useful life. It is more cost effective to build a new fit-for-purpose building than to renovate or try to maintain the existing buildings. Council saw an opportunity to co-locate the three groups in the one building.

You can read about the project below and to get more information come along to one of the drop in sessions. You are also encouraged to contact the project team through the Q and A section below or contact Sara Townsend directly on 9599 4318 or email stownsend@bayside.vic.gov.au.

  • Beaumaris RSL support the BASP project, but oppose any proposed relocation of the Cenotaph
  • Some vegetation will need to be removed but will be replaced by the re-planting of double the number of new indigenous trees and shrubs. No remnant trees will be lost.
  • The new building will be built in a different location so that the groups can continue to operate in their current homes during construction. These buildings will be demolished once the new pavilion is built and the areas established as fully landscaped, open space.
  • The telecommunications tower will remain.
  • New toilets will be built for the Beaumaris Tennis Club and direct access to the existing all-abilities tennis court will be established.
  • There will be an extension to the existing car parks.
  • Additional trees and shrubs will be planted in the reserve.
  • The footprint of the new building is smaller than the size of the two existing buildings.
  • Access roads will remain unsealed in accordance with community feedback on similar projects in the area.
  • The new pavilion has not been designed yet but will be sensitive to the local character and environment
  • Design concepts will be made available on Council’s website project page.
  • No the pavilion is just for the three clubs and their members and visitors, although the building will be designed to be adaptable should the needs of the community change in the future.
  • The liquor licence will need to be re-applied for and shared across all three users.
  • There will be no increase to the existing hours of use which are governed by Council’s Pavilion Guidelines, which are no later than 12 am on weekends.
  • Design concepts and budget allocation will need to be approved by Council.
  • If approved, construction would begin in the 2019/20 financial year.

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