Thank you for your feedback. The Masterplan has been finalised and endorsed by Council.

On 27 April 2017, Council endorsed the Sandringham Beach and Gardens Masterplan. This plan guides design, priorities and staging of works on the foreshore, aiming to enhance the Sandringham foreshore making it easier to get around and a nicer place to visit.

Click here to view the final masterplan that was endorsed by Council.

Thank you for your feedback

From February until September 2016, Council worked with residents, visitors, community groups and local businesses to identify issues to be addressed through the Masterplan. Click here to view the Community Engagement Summary.

We would like to thank everything who gave their time and energy to contribute through this process.

Key objectives of the Masterplan include:

  • Improve access and safety to the beach and along key pedestrian and cyclists trail
  • Protect the foreshore environment, particularly remnant coastal vegetation and habitats for native wildlife
  • Identify and protect areas of cultural heritage significance
  • Improve water quality discharging at Sandringham Beach through stormwater drains
  • Increase opportunities for recreation and enjoyment at Sandringham Gardens and along the foreshore
  • Harvest stormwater to irrigate lawns at Sandringham Gardens.

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Southey Street Toilets - do you support the upgrade?

As part of the masterplan the Southey Street toilets will be replaced with a smaller and more accessible facility. The new facility will be placed in the same location however in order to make the unit accessible we will need to remove some vegetation. Refer to page 6 and 18 of the Masterplan for more information.

Should Council continue to provide a public toilet in this location? If so do you support an upgrade?

Beach Access

The Sandringham Foreshore is serviced by a range of access ramps and stairs. Many of the access points no longer meet contemporary standards for access and mobility, the masterplan proposes a variety of actions to improve and upgrade the following access points:

  • Sandringham Beach - access ramp
  • Bay Road – timber stairs
  • Southey Street – access ramp
  • Royal Avenue – stairs
  • Edward Street – access ramp.

Please refer to pages 9, 10 and 16 of the Masterplan for more information.

Do you believe the proposed changes will help to improve access and safety? Is there more that could be done to improve this?

Storm Water Management

The existing stormwater drain and outfall at Sandringham Beach is owned by Melbourne Water this catchment includes the commercial areas of Sandrigham Village. Council manages the smaller stormwater drains below Sandringham Gardens and at Royal Avenue. Initiatives proposed in the masterplan address areas that are within Council’s control and include:

  • Installation of a pollutant trap at Sandringham Beach: to remove litter and other large particles to improve water quality before it enters the bay.

  • Stormwater harvesting at Sandringham Gardens and Southey Street: diversion of stormwater to wetland area for reuse in irrigation of gardens and lawn, before being discharged into the bay.

Please refer to pages 11, 14, 15 and 17 of the Masterplan for more information.

Do you support the concept to install a stormwater harvesting system at Sandringham Gardens and Southey Street?

Do you have any other ideas to improve the quality of stormwater before it enters the bay?

Sub Station Removal – Sandringham Gardens

An electrical substation is located in Sandringham Gardens adjacent to Bay Road.  This substation regulates power to residential properties and businesses in parts of Sandringham. Council is investigating options to remove and relocate this substation away from Sandrinham Gardens due to congestion caused by its proximity to the Shared Trail and pedestrian crossing at Bay Road. Removal of this structure will significantly enhance views into the gardens.

Do you support removal of the sub substation?

General Feedback on all aspects of the Masterplan

Please provide any feedback about the Masterplan or individual concept proposed for implementation.