Using the feedback and ideas collected from the community, we have developed a framework that will set the direction and provide guidance for environmental planning and decision-making for Bayside City Council. The framework is designed to be visionary, clear and engaging, with actions that are practical, achievable and measurable with clear targets.

At the May 2016 Council Meeting, Council resolved to:

1. adopt the Environmental Sustainability Framework 2016-2025;

2. receives a report annually on the progress and updates to the Action Plan;

3. amend the Action Plan to include the date for development of the Integrated Water Management Plan as 2016; the target for the number of plants produced by the Bayside Community Nursery is 125,000 and that the target is altered to include both number and species diversity of plants sold; and timing for research into rare plants to be shown as ongoing.

The adopted Environmental Sustainability Framework 2016-2025 is available here and the revised Action Plan is available here

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Environmental Sustainability Framework

Prioritise the environmental commitments and let us know your thoughts on foreshore development.

Consultation has concluded for this project, thank you very much for all of your interest. We look forward to presenting the adopted Framework and keeping you updated with our progress.

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