Project objective

The Annual Budget 2022-23 outlines the services and initiatives to be funded for the next financial year.

Following Council’s in-principle approval of the proposed Annual Budget 2022-23 on 26 April 2022, community members and project stakeholders are encouraged to provide their feedback on the proposed Budget between 27 April and 17 May 2022 for the consideration of Council.

Public consultation on Council’s Annual Budget was formerly a Section 223 process under the Local Government Act 1989. Community consultation on the Annual Budget is now conducted in accordance with the Local Government Act 2020 and Council’s Community and Stakeholder Engagement Policy 2021.

Project impacts

Council’s proposed Annual Budget 2022-23 is informed by the Bayside 2050 Community Vision, the Council Plan 2021 – 2025 and Financial Plan 2022-23 – 2031-32. The Budget funds services and initiatives Council has committed to deliver.

The proposed $155.6 million budget commits Council to action in four key areas over the next 12 months:

  • Our Planet – leading better, smarter and sustainable futures
  • Our People – nurturing all people and thriving healthy communities
  • Our Place – fostering Bayside’s liveability, open spaces and exceptional places
  • Our Promise – promising open and accountable civic leadership.

The ambitious agenda delivered by this budget will be funded by a rate increase of 1.75%, which is in accordance with the Victorian Government’s rate cap. This rate increase is essential for the continuation of our community services and capital investment.

The waste service charge incorporating kerbside collection and recycling is not subject to the rate cap legislation and will increase by 13.8% driven largely by the increase in the State Government landfill levy, an increase in hard waste collections, increased recycling processing costs, and increased green waste and garbage collection and disposal costs.

Around half of the proposed budget is earmarked to deliver important community infrastructure via $69.5 million in capital works. This continues Council’s multi-year program to address historic under-investment and is enabled by continuing strong financial management.


  • Investment in our Aged Care Services so we can expand to the delivery of Home Care Packages to meet the increasing needs of our ageing community.
  • Delivering the Urban Forest Strategy to make Bayside even greener than before and our Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reduction target takes action on Climate Change.
  • Continuing the transformation of Elsternwick Park Nature Reserve into a natural urban oasis to benefit thousands of Baysiders and visitors for years to come.
  • Upgrades to footpaths, roads and drainage, foreshore and parks, and sports pavilions to support accessibility, recreation, and liveability in Bayside.

What key initiatives are included in this year’s budget?

The Annual Budget 2022/23 includes the following key initiatives:

  • Expansion of delivery of Home Care Packages
  • Switching our bin collection schedule to weekly food and green waste and fortnightly garbage
  • Working with the community to reduce Bayside’s carbon emissions
  • Urban Forest Strategy
  • Affordable Housing Strategy
  • Innovate Reconciliation Action Plan
  • Dendy Street Beach Pavilion
  • Warm Water Pool design and feasibility
  • Beaumaris Arts Studio
  • Tulip Street Basketball Courts
  • Elsternwick Park Nature Reserve

Deferred projects

There are no significant deferrals of plans, programs or capital works in this year’s proposed budget.

In response to community feedback and condition of the infrastructure, the pavilion renewal at Peterson Reserve has been brought forward and design is expected to commence in 2023/24.

What information do we need from the community?

We are engaging with our community to seek feedback on Council’s Proposed Annual Budget 2022-23.

What can the community influence?
What can’t the community influence?
  • Legislative requirement for Council to adopt Annual Budget 2022-23 by 30 June 2022
  • Council operations, resource allocation and projects Council has resolved to deliver
  • Waste charge: Direct cost recovery due the increase in the State Government landfill levy, an increase in hard waste collections, increased recycling processing costs, and increased green waste and garbage collection and disposal costs.

Stakeholders and community

This stakeholder assessment is a generalised understanding of sections of the community that have a connection to the project or matter. This information is used to understand the types of tools and techniques that will achieve the strongest and most effective outcomes for engagement and communication.

  • Impact: What level of change the stakeholder / community segment may experience as a result of the project / matter
  • Interest: What level of interest has been expressed or is anticipated
  • Influence: Reference to the IAP2 Spectrum

Stakeholder / community




General Bayside community




Individual community members with broad interests in the business of Council and governance




Organisations/groups/individuals affected by rescheduled projects




Stakeholders with new projects financed through Annual Budget 2022-23




Stakeholder groups/associations/organisations




Local businesses/traders




Selected tools and techniques

The tools and techniques selected for this project are informed by the project content, stakeholders and type of feedback sought.

Key tools for communicating the project
  • Email notification to Have Your Say members, including those who subscribe to projects affected by this year’s budget.
  • Council website and e-newsletter, This Week in Bayside
  • Social media
  • Video and/or infographics
  • Digital screens in Corporate Centre and libraries

Key methods for gathering feedback
  • Have Your Say project webpage, including feedback forms and opportunities to ask questions
  • Post, phone and email correspondence.


  • Timeline item 1 - complete

    Proposed Annual Budget 2022-23 endorsed by Council

  • Timeline item 2 - active

    Community consultation

    27 April 2022 - 5pm 17 May 2022

  • Timeline item 3 - incomplete

    Council briefing

    Council to consider community feedback 7 June 2022.

  • Timeline item 4 - incomplete

    Adoption of Annual Budget 2022-23

    Council to adopt Annual Budget at its 28 June 2022 meeting.

Decision-making process

The Annual Budget 2022-23 is informed by community priorities articulated in the Bayside 2050 Community Vision and Council Plan 2021-2025.

Following the close of community engagement at 5pm on 17 May 2022, community and stakeholder feedback will be considered and amendments made to the proposed Budget, if required.

Council will consider a report on community engagement on the Budget on the 7 June briefing and adopt the proposed Annual Budget 2022-23 at its meeting on 28 June 2022. The agenda for this meeting will be available to view here when published.

Interested community members will also have an opportunity to request to be heard at the Council meeting on 28 June 2022 and speak to Council at the meeting or provide a written statement which will be published in the meeting agenda.

Under the Local Government Act 2020, Council must adopt an annual budget by the 30 June 2022.

More information

For more information about this project please contact Bill Shanahan, Finance Manager, on 9599 4340 or