Bayside’s 2050 Community Vision will help to guide decision making by Council and the community.

A Community Vision sets out the key priorities, aspiration and values that Council and the community will use to make decisions to shape the Bayside of the future.

All Victorian councils must develop a community vision statement under the State Government’s proposed revisions to the Local Government Act.

Bayside’s current Community Plan 2025 has been a valuable guide for Council since 2016 however it is time to refresh it for the future.

The process

  1. Council is seeking broad community feedback on aspirations, ideas and priorities for Bayside 2050 in late 2019. This will be done through Council pop ups at community events, online surveys and community workshops.
  2. A representative Community Panel will consider the collected feedback in March 2020 and develop key themes, priorities and values.
  3. The feedback will then be used to develop a draft Community Vision for consideration by Council in mid 2020.
  4. Following the 2020 Council elections in October 2020, the proposed Community Vision 2050 will be considered for adoption by the new 2020-2024 Council.