The Community Vision will set out the key priorities, aspiration and values that Council and the community will use to make decisions to shape the Bayside of the future. All Victorian councils must develop a community vision statement under the State Government’s proposed revisions to the Local Government Act.

Between October and December 2019, Council commenced the first phase of community engagement as part of the Bayside 2050 Community Vision project. 846 people participated in a range of engagement activities to inform the development of Bayside’s 2050 Community Vision.

Online Engagement

An online survey was conducted via the Bayside Have your Say website between 7 September 2019 and 15 December 2020. 232 people participated in the 24-question survey, 193 of which were residents. The survey was designed to gather community aspirations, ideas, and priorities for Bayside in 2050. The webpage provided some key facts and figures relating to Bayside in 2020 as well as Bayside predictions for 2050. Demographics were also captured as part of the survey

Face to Face Engagement

614 people participated in face-to-face engagement sessions, which comprised of

  • Workshops, discussion groups, interviews,
  • Pop-ups at community events and other methods.

The purpose of these sessions was to give participants an opportunity to:

  • discuss Bayside’s long term future,
  • capture community aspirations, values and priorities for the future,
  • Provide input to be considered by the Bayside Community Engagement Panel.

Facilitated sessions

The facilitated face-to-face sessions (workshops, discussion groups and interviews) sought to gather feedback on three main questions (which replicated the survey questions). These sessions, which were facilitated by independent community engagement consultants MosaicLab, offered an opportunity to discuss topics in more depth and gather additional input and ideas from fellow participants.

Questions asked included:

1. Thinking about the Bayside area over the next thirty years, what is:

a. One thing we must keep in the future...?

b. One thing we must change in the future ...?

c. One thing we must let go of, in the future ...?

2. What are your top 5 priorities for the future? (Selecting from a list from 24 priorities)

3. What’s your vision for our community in 2050?

Fact sheets were provided to participants to prompt thinking and discussion about the future of Bayside in 2050, including population increases, changing demographics and housing development. Council also gave a short presentation to provide some information about the engagement process and predicted changes to the municipality.

You can view the full wider engagement report in the document library.

Your big ideas

During the first phase of engagement you shared your big ideas for the future of Bayside, have a look at what was said below.

Big ideas for Bayside!