Will these initiatives make it easier to get around?

From the consultation it was clear that we needed to make it easier for people to get around, that included making it easier to walk, cycle and drive around the Concourse. Here is what is proposed:
  • make it a nicer place to walk and ride
  • smooth, clear footpaths, tactile paving
  • room for mobility scooters, and sufficient bike parking
  • create a pedestrian link between East Concourse to Concourse Green
  • improve the central car park

Central Carpark Option

Over 60% of community supported a change in this area.The option proposed creates a dedicated pathway that protects pedestrians from vehicle traffic. This option reduces the number of car park spaces lost from 15 spaces (in previous option) down to 6 spaces. It also creates a garden bed under the trees, supporting the growth of this mature trees. 

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