20 October 2021 update

Support to make the switch

More than 4,200 community members provided their feedback on the changes to Bayside’s kerbside bin collection schedule in May – July 2021.

We wanted to know how different households were feeling and how we could support those with specific waste needs to make the switch. Find out more about what our community told us.

We’re proposing to offer free service provisions to support households with specific and unavoidable waste needs to make the switch more equitable. These proposed options, along with eligibility criteria, are subject to the consideration and support of Council at its 26 October 2021 meeting.


Since launching our food and green waste service two years ago, Bayside’s landfill waste has dropped to the lowest levels on record – but we can still do more.

Reducing our landfill waste is important as landfills are filling up and the costs, which are passed on directly to ratepayers, are rising sharply (up 60% this year).

Most Bayside households use our food and green waste service to turn their food waste otherwise destined for landfill into compost. Many residents tell us their general waste bin is now half empty, but their food and green waste bin is full. They love the service but want weekly collections to reduce smelly bins and pests.

We’re switching the bin collection schedule to reduce our impact on the environment and avoid smelly bins and increased landfill costs.

From 1 July 2022:

  • food and green waste bins with the light green lids will be emptied weekly
  • general waste bins with the dark green lids will be emptied fortnightly

There are no other changes to waste services – recycling and hard waste collections and the day your bins are emptied will remain the same. Food will still be collected weekly, just in your food and green waste bin.

This might feel like a big change for some households, especially those who aren’t already using our food and green waste service. There are also special circumstances we need to consider, such as households with large volumes of nappies or medical waste. Please take the survey below and tell us how we can support you with this change.

Have your say

Feedback for this project closed on Sunday 11 July 2021. Community feedback will be considered at the 26 October 2021 Council meeting. Subscribe for project updates.