At the May 2016 Council Meeting, Council noted the Masterplan Community Consultation Report and adopted the Masterplan, with the following amendments:

- the retention and maintenance of the Gordon Crescent beach access stairs and maintenance of the Coastal Path as a compacted gravel/sand walking path up to 2.0 metres in width (site specific), inclusive of pruning to either side;

- remove the references to a new public toilet on the foreshore in the area near Quiet Corner; and

- install appropriate signage to indicate Quiet Corner.

The adopted Masterplan is available here

The Masterplan will inform Council’s future capital works program, funding applications and priorities for infrastructure renewal, replacement and redevelopment over the next decade.

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Quick Poll

As part of this plan we are proposing to remove and replace two separate, male and female toilet blocks with a single facility containing three cubicles (male, female and all ability) closer to the playground and picnic area. Do we need another toilet blo

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No, one toilet block in this precinct is enough
60% (49 votes)
Yes, we need another toilet block on the shared trail, north of Quiet Corner (Please see action 15 on the Black Rock Foreshore Masterplan - Summary Implementation Plan)
40% (32 votes)
Total Votes: 81

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Recommendations to improve Pedestrian, Vehicle and Cycle Access

<p>We understand the trails and tracks along the Black Rock Foreshore are well utilised and congested in parts, do you believe the proposed recommendations within this area of the Plan will help to:</p><ul> <li>Separate cyclists and walkers to reduce the impact on the coastal vegetation and reduce chance of injury?</li> <li>Make access to the Black Rock House and LIfesaving Club safer for people with a disability, pram or mobility aid?</li> </ul><p>Why? Why not? Is there more that can be done to improve access?<br></p><p>Please refer to page 5 and appendix of the Draft Black Rock Foreshore Masterplan.</p>

Recommendations to upgrade existing facilities

<p>Unlike other parts of Bayside's Foreshore, Black Rock has minimal infrastructure and facilities. With this in mind, Council will work with Lifesaving Victoria to redevelop the Black Rock Lifesaving Club and work to relocate the beach access shower to this new facility. </p><p>Improvement works also include minor changes to the Black Rock Gardens including new picnic tables, sealing of a pathway and installation of a fence. </p><p><strong>We would like to know what you think about the need for public toilets in the area.</strong> As part of this plan we are proposing to remove and replace the two existing toilet blocks with an all ability toilet facility for males, females and disabled closer to the playground and picnic area. Is this enough or do we need to install another toilet block opposite the Black Rock House (300m distance)? What do you think?</p><p>Please refer to the Draft Black Rock Foreshore Masterplan - Summary Implementation Plan</p>

Recommendations to protect and enhance the areas Cultural Heritage

<p>Black Rock is rich in cultural heritage from the Old Melbourne Gaol stone installed within the sea wall to the Black Rock House purchased by the Ebden family in 1854. </p><p>Do you think the recommendations help to conserve and bring to life the cultural significance of the area or is there more that can be done? </p><p>Please refer to page 7 of the Draft Black Rock Foreshore Masterplan</p>

Recommendations to protect and enhance the areas Flora and Fauna

<p>The majority of the Black Rock Foreshore contains remnant coast vegetation, that is vegetation that existed before the area was settled/developed. Do you believe the recommendations will help to protect and enhance the flora? Why? Why not? Do you have any other suggestions?</p><p>Please refer to pages 9,10 and 11 of the Draft Black Rock Foreshore Masterplan<br></p>

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