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Read about community feedback on the Dendy Park Tennis Centre proposal

Dendy Park Tennis Centre is a 19 en-tout-cas court venue, which is currently leased to Dendy Park Tennis Club.

The facility requires significant upgrades to meet community needs, encourage participation in racket sports for all ages, and develop the next generation of Bayside tennis stars.

Tennis Australia has submitted a proposal to redevelop the current facility into the “Dendy Tennis Park”, in partnership with the Dendy Park Tennis Club and Royal South Yarra Lawn Tennis Club.

We want your feedback on whether we should grant a 21-year lease to Tennis Australia to develop and manage the Dendy Park Tennis Centre. The lease includes Dendy Park Tennis Club remaining as resident club, and substantial investment towards improving the tennis facilities.

What’s in the proposed lease?

  • 21-year lease

    A term of 7 years followed by two 7-year options.

    $1.2 million in rent over the lease term

    5% of membership fees paid to Council

  • Community benefits

    2 courts+ for community hire at all times; improving on existing access.

    20% discount for Bayside residents on membership and court hire fees

  • Fully funded upgrade

    Upgrade proposal fully funded by tennis partners, with no capital investment by Council.

What's in the proposed upgrade?

Improved tennis facilities delivered over three stages* including clay courts, hard courts, Padel and new game format courts, and an upgraded accessible pavilion. *Stages 1b and 2 are subject to additional funding support.
  • Stage 1 - $2.5M

    Up to 8 en-tout-cas courts resurfaced with world class clay

    Existing pavilion refurbished

    LED court lighting upgrade.

  • Stage 1b - $1.5M*

    5 en-tout-cas courts converted to hard courts

    8 new game courts (4 Padel courts plus 4 modified courts to introduce other forms of the game such as Pickleball, POP Tennis or Touch Tennis)

    The existing unsealed carpark is proposed to be used for the Padel courts. Council has a future project to replace or upgrade the carpark, subject to the proposal outcome. The layout in the Tennis Australia proposal is indicative only - any new carpark will be designed to minimise impact on existing vegetation.

  • Stage 2 - $2.6M*

    Remaining court surfaces upgraded

    Pavilion extension (120m2)


    Environmental initiatives (solar panels, battery storage, storm water harvesting).

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Submissions close 18 October 2022

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