Updated Housing Strategy adopted by Council

The Housing Strategy was reviewed to make sure it is still addressing the needs and aspirations of the Bayside community. We asked the community for ideas on how we can address current and future housing challenges while providing an effective blueprint for managing expected population growth.

The previous Bayside Housing Strategy was first adopted in 2012 and guides where and how residential development will occur in the future. It looks at the location and type of residential development required to meet the changing needs of the Bayside community, whilst ensuring development is consistent with and enhances Bayside’s valued urban character.

The Updated Strategy was adopted by at the Ordinary Meeting of Council on 17 December 2019.

Read the Final Updated Housing Strategy here.

The updated Strategy outlines where new housing growth should be located in Bayside, nominating Bayside’s activity centres, residential areas in close proximity to Elsternwick, Southland and Cheltenham train stations, and strategic redevelopment sites as appropriate locations for housing growth.

The previous Housing Strategy was very effective in directing medium and high density development to these identified housing growth areas, whilst retaining the low rise nature of the established residential areas (called minimal residential growth areas).

As a result of the Housing Strategy, Bayside has one of the lowest proportions of land covered by high and medium density residential zones across Victoria.

If you would like further information, please contact Council during business hours, on 9599 4635 or email planningstrategy@bayside.vic.gov.au.