Consultation has concluded, thank you for your feedback


Thank you for your feedback. Your feedback helped to shape the updated Sustainable Infrastructure Policy (2017) that was presented and adopted by Council at the September Ordinary Meeting of Council.

This policy will apply to all of Council's new capital works projects from July 2018.

About the Policy

The Policy sets out Council’s commitments and approach to integrating sustainable design (ESD) principles into the design, construction, operation and maintenance of Council owned and/or managed infrastructure.

Increasing the environmental performance of Council owned and/or managed infrastructure will help to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and aid in the efficient use of water and energy.

Both Council and community have a role in improving the environmental performance of community infrastructure, Council would like your feedback on the draft Sustainable Infrastructure Policy (2017) as well your ideas for improving environmental performance.


Will this Policy improve the environmental performance of Council infrastructure?

Do you believe implementation of this Policy will enhance Council's environmental performance with regards to operations, maintenance, planning, design and construction for new, renewed and expanded infrastructure projects? Why? Why not?

How can Council support users and hirers of its buildings to be more sustainable?

Council will provide users of Council owned and/or managed buildings with information and advice on how to reduce environmental impacts associated with the use and management of these buildings. What would help you understand your role and support you with this change?