The Landscape Guidelines provide advice to residents and developers looking to remove or replace vegetation, additionally the Guidelines support Bayside’s Planning Scheme by providing advice to residents living within an area zoned as having a Vegetation Protection Overlay or a Significant Landscape Overlay .

To strengthen community use and understanding of the Landscape Guidelines, Council sought feedback from:

  • Residents that live within an area covered by a Vegetation Protection Overlay or a Significant Landscape Overlay.
  • Developers, Landscape Architects, Arborists or consultants that work in the Bayside municipality and may need to remove vegetation as part of their work.
  • Environmentalists, or those with an interest in working with Council to protect Bayside's vegetation.
  • Current and previous applicants that are required to submit a Landscape Plan as part of their permit application.

At the June 2016 Council Meeting, Council adopted the Landscape Guidelines with a number of changes - these changes are listed here

The Landscape Guidelines are available here

Have your say

Protection of vegetation

<p>Do you believe the Landscape Guidelines will help to protect and enhance Bayside's vegetation during development and renovation activities? </p>

Using the Landscape Guidelines

<p>What is explained well in Landscape Guidelines? What could be done to improve the Draft Landscape Guidelines, make them easier for people to understand/use? <br></p>

Bayside Planning Scheme

<p>Is there anything else that Council could do you to help you understand the process required to remove a tree and replace vegetation?<br></p>

Other feedback

<p>Do you have any other comments or suggestions related to the Landscape Guidelines?<br></p>

Trial program

Trial Program Feedback

Thank you for taking part in our trial program and agreeing to test the Draft Landscape Guidelines. Your feedback will help to ensure the Guidelines assist residents and professionals to prepare a Landscape Plan as part of their Planning Permit Application.

This Trial Program is aimed residents and professional who have submitted a Landscape Plan with their planning application or those who are considering renovating or developing their property.

Information and personal details provided by you, will not be published publicly for more information please refer to Bayside City Council’s Privacy Policy.

Thank you for your feedback and help in shaping this valuable guideline, consultation has now concluded. We will keep you updated.

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