We hosted a virtual Q&A session at 6pm on Thursday 18 February 2021 to answer questions about the proposed Local Law. This session was streamed live and a video recording and summary is available below.

Please note that this was an information session only. Feedback on the proposed Local Law must be provided as a written statement in accordance with Section 223 of the Local Government Act 1989 by 5pm 5 March 2021. Find out how to submit your feedback here.

If you have further questions please contact the project lead Andrew Biffin on 9599 4424 or email abiffin@bayside.vic.gov.au.

Recording of the Q&A session

Questions about the proposed Local Law

Read the answers to questions submitted by community members on the proposed Local Law. If you have a question, or would like more information, please contact Andrew Biffin on 9599 4424 or email abiffin@bayside.vic.gov.au