What is your opinion on these eight new Local Law ideas?

From trees to rubbish to parking to pets, Bayside’s Local Law No. 2 (Neighbourhood Amenity) is designed to empower Council to respond to local issues and protect public amenity, health and safety within the municipality.

Council is calling for community feedback on the current Local Law No. 2 (Parts 5 to 9), as well as eight new local law ideas that have been raised by some residents, including through petitions to Council. We are not seeking community feedback on enforcement matters, including patrols or fines, or the policies and processes which sit underneath the local law.

The community feedback from this initial consultation will measure the level of support for any new ideas, and help Council consider emerging issues and ensure that Local Law No. 2 remains comprehensive.

New ideas for Local Law No. 2 will only be considered for inclusion in the draft revised Local Law No. 2 if they receive strong community support. Council will conduct further consultation on the draft revised Local Law No. 2 in early 2021.

Local Law No. 2 is only reviewed every 10 years, so this consultation is an important opportunity have your say on the issues that you want Council to enforce within the municipality.

Long-term parking of trailers, caravans and boats

This idea aims to prevent the long-term parking and/or storage of trailers, caravans and boats on Council land. Council’s Residential Parking Permit Scheme Policy does not allow caravans, boats, trailers, or motorhomes to obtain a parking permit, which can lead to vehicles being parked on unrestricted streets. Council receives around 20 complaints per month on a wide range of vehicle-related concerns.

The Local Law already restricts the parking of vehicles that are longer than 7.5 metres or heavier than 4.5 tonnes on Council land. It also has the power to remove unregistered or abandoned vehicles.

Boat parked on road

Control mobile billboard advertising

This idea is about requiring permits for parked mobile billboards and ‘for sale’ advertisements for cars, caravans, boats and other equipment.

The Bayside Planning Scheme governs permanent/fixed signs, but does not apply to mobile advertisements. In April 2019, Council received a petition with 35 signatories, regarding specific concerns about mobile ‘for sale’ signage on South Road, Brighton East. Council receives approximately four complaints each year about mobile advertising.

Mobile advertising

Prevent derelict and abandoned buildings

This idea would require owners/occupiers to ensure that a building does not become dilapidated or further dilapidated and to take all reasonable steps to secure the building. Clause 27 in the existing Local Law covers unsightly land but does not reference buildings.

Derelict house

Ban on outdoor solid-fuel cooking and heating

Clause 31 of Local Law No.2 bans the burning of any offensive materials or any materials that cause offensive emissions of smoke and odour to enter any neighbouring property. This idea seeks to include a ban on the burning of solid fuel (eg wood and charcoal) for outdoor cooking or heating due to offensive emissions. Council received a petition with five signatories about this issue in August 2018 and, on average, three complaints each year.

Solid fuel outdoor fire

Permits for shared transport services

This idea is that operators for services such as e-bikes and e-scooters would require a permit so they can be held responsible for abandoned equipment that causes safety or amenity issues.

Parked e-bikes

Dumped shopping trolleys

This idea would require that businesses which make shopping trolleys available do not allow them to be left on Council land or any road and have a service to ensure trolleys are collected in a timely manner.

dumped shopping trolley

Permits for drones

This idea seeks to control drones flying over or landing on Council land through permits. Federal legislation applies to the flying of drones. Council’s current Local Law requires a permit to fly any model aeroplane, aircraft or similar apparatus of any kind , excluding a kite, but including any audible motor-propelled device over a municipal reserve.


Smoking ban extension

Bayside’s existing smoking ban covers the beach sand areas only, plus Ricketts Point and Brighton Dunes surrounds. Dropping a cigarette butt anywhere in Bayside is already a littering offence. Council is seeking community views on making smoking an offence within all foreshore reserve areas. This idea follows the 2019 smoking ban consultation, which originated from a petition, and Council's resolution on 28 April 2020. View a map of the exisiting smoking ban area.

Beach smoking