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uncil owns, operates and maintains buildings and facilities that have a total replacement value of $230.6 million, this investment in infrastructure supports a range of services occurring in the community.

A significant amount is spent on the maintenance and replacement of these assets. In the 2015/16 budget $11.2 million was spent which represented about 20% of Council’s total budget.

We've developed a plan to guide this investment and expenditure. This Asset Management Plan will be used to inform and guide our decision making. It will also guide us in the project prioritisation across Bayside for the next 10 years and provide a business case for the continued investment into these community assets.

We'd appreciate your feedback on this plan and consideration of what is being proposed.

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Investment into community infrastructure

Council spends a significant portion of its budget investing in new infrastructure and maintaining current infrastructure assets. We would like to know what you think.

Consultation has concluded thank you for your feedback