What you told us about nappies

14 June 2022

Bayside joined 11 other Victorian councils to understand how to reduce nappy waste, which currently makes up approximately 5 to 15 per cent of all waste to landfill.

Funding was provided through Sustainability Victoria’s Recycling Victoria Councils Fund to undertake a Feasibility Study of local government reusable nappy programs.

The Feasibility Study included a comprehensive community engagement process made up of community and industry surveys, interviews and focus groups and was designed to:

  • explore the effectiveness of local government reusable nappy programs
  • assess the performance of reusable nappy products
  • understand community behaviour and attitudes in relation to reusable nappies, and
  • assist in the development of a best practice model for a reusable nappy program that encourages long-term behaviour change and waste reduction.

What we heard

More than 2,000 parents and carers across 12 council areas participated, with Bayside community making up 9% of respondents

Next steps

The Feasibility Report was used to inform the submission of a grant for Round 2 of the Sustainability Victoria’s Recycling Victoria Councils Fund – implementation stream.

If successful, the grant will be used to fund the implementation of the findings from the Feasibility Report.