At the Ordinary Meeting of Council on May 21, Council discussed feedback received to date from the community and resolved:

That Council:

Ceases consultation activities associated with the draft Footpath Treatments Within the Road Reserve Policy relating to the following locations shown in Section 6.1:

  • footpath on the south side of Park Road, Cheltenham – between Cheltenham Park access road and Cheltenham station;
  • footpath on the west side of Reserve Road, Cheltenham – between Balcombe Road and Weatherall Road; and
  • shared path on the south side of Cheltenham Road, Cheltenham – between Bluff Road and Reserve Road.

The revised consultation continued to include improvements to:

  • footpath on west side of Jack Road, Cheltenham – between the bus stop opposite 18 Jack Road and Bay Road

This locations has been identified due to public transport connectivity needs, disability access needs and opportunities to improve the shared path network in Bayside.

Feedback received during consultation period, ended 22 May 2019, will be considered in the finalisation of the revised policy which is planned to be presented to Council at the Ordinary Meeting of Council on 25 June for adoption.