Bayside has amazing beaches and foreshore that visitors and residents flock to throughout the year. At these beaches and on the foreshore, Council provides a variety of infrastructure including roads and footpaths, lights, buildings such as toilets and clubhouses, car parks, bins and showers.

In order to assist in meeting the costs of maintaining this infrastructure, which costs Council nearly $2 million per year. Council is investigating extending paid parking for visitors along Beach Road. Currently paid parking is limited to the beachside car parks. Residents who hold Bayside Beach Parking Permits would continue to remain exempt.

At the July 2013 Council Meeting, Council resolved to:

- endorse the proposal to install 27 ticket machines along Beach Road at peak parking locations

- implement 1-hour parking restrictions and issues residential parking permits in accordance with the Resident Parking Permit Scheme Policy for 200m along the side streets of Beach Road;

- maintain existing parking restrictions near shops / commercial areas; and

- consider and address the impact of this proposal in the Residential Parking Permit Policy Review; and

- develop a communication plan which respond to the issues raised in the community engagement process.

Further information about the paid parking on Beach Road is available here


If Council does introduce paid parking, what needs to be considered?

<ul> <li>If Council does decide to introduce paid parking along Beach Road for visitors, what needs to be considered?  </li> <li>Which locations would be best and why?  </li> <li>Both sides of Beach Road or only one and why?  </li> <li>What considerations should be made for the side streets off Beach Road?</li> </ul>

Should Council consider introducing paid parking to assist in meeting the costs of maintaining foreshore infrastructure?

<p>The cost of maintaining foreshore infrastructure and services is about $2 Million per year. Currently visitors pay to park in the foreshore car parks and Council is investigating extending this paid parking along Beach Road. Residents with a Bayside Beach Parking Permit would be exempt. </p> <ul> <li>Do you understand why Council is investigating this option?  </li> <li>Do you think this is a good idea?  </li> <li>Why or why not?  </li> </ul>