Over the next 10 years 61 playgrounds will be upgraded in line with the Playground Improvement Plan. This represents an investment of $10.3 million.

Early in 2016 Council recruited 200 Playground Testers, between the ages of 2 - 13 to test and provide feedback on the following playgrounds:

  • Pasadena Avenue Park Playground, Beaumaris
  • Myrtle Avenue Park Playground, Hampton
  • Peterson Reserve Playground, Highett
  • Holyrood Park Playground, Hampton
  • Basterfield Park (South) Playground, Hampton East
  • Wilson Reserve East Playground, Brighton
  • Bamfield Street Park Playground, Sandringham
  • Alexander Park Playground, Hampton
  • Allambee Park Playground, Hampton
  • Robert Grieve Reserve Playground, Brighton

Feedback collected was invaluable and used to develop the designs for each playground. Thank you to everyone who participated.