Consultation has concluded

2016/17 Playground Upgrades - construction will commence in April 2017!

Over the next 10 years 61 playgrounds will be upgraded in line with the Playground Improvement Plan. This represents an investment of $10.3 million.

Early in 2016 Council recruited 200 Playground Testers, between the ages of 2 - 13 to test and provide feedback on the following playgrounds:

  • Pasadena Avenue Park Playground, Beaumaris
  • Myrtle Avenue Park Playground, Hampton
  • Peterson Reserve Playground, Highett
  • Holyrood Park Playground, Hampton
  • Basterfield Park (South) Playground, Hampton East
  • Wilson Reserve East Playground, Brighton
  • Bamfield Street Park Playground, Sandringham
  • Alexander Park Playground, Hampton
  • Allambee Park Playground, Hampton
  • Robert Grieve Reserve Playground, Brighton

Feedback collected was invaluable and used to develop the designs for each playground. Thank you to everyone who participated.

Have Your Say on the next round of playgrounds scheduled for upgrade in 2017/18:

  • F.L Yott Reserve Playground, Beaumaris
  • Beach Park Playground-End of North Rd, Brighton
  • Dendy Park South Playground, Brighton East