Each year we consult the community on a number of playgrounds, develop designs and get them ready to build. In the same year, we construct the group of playgrounds that were developed the previous year, so we have a continuous cycle of upgrades, working towards our target of upgrading all 61 playgrounds by 2025.

Please keep in mind that we have an allocated budget for each playground that is based on our approved strategic Playground Improvement Plan. The Playground Improvement Plan takes into account location, size, accessibility, facilities and proximity to other playgrounds in the neighbourhood. Although we’d love to have the budget to build a Thomas Street inclusive playground in every suburb, it simply isn’t practical. The luxury of living in Bayside though is that there is plenty of variety and options for play within a short walk, ride, drive or public transport trip.

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Thanks for your feedback

We are now collating your feedback and the feedback from our trusty pirate helpers, the Bayside Buccaneers Playground Testers, on how your would like to see the next six playgrounds improved. Our playground designers have taken these comments on board and working on detailed designs for the six playgrounds reviewed in 2021.

Hampton Foreshore Recreation Node playground

Please note, the Hampton Foreshore Recreation Node has been removed from the Playground Improvement Program as the feedback showed that it is not well used. As part of the relevant foreshore masterplan, a picnic table, seating, mural and low-level indigenous planting will be added to this space which may increase its patronage.

FG Tricks Reserve playground

FG Tricks Reserve has been added to this consultation to progress the upgrade. This playground is located next to the site of the proposed Fern Street Children’s Centre in Black Rock. The plans were placed on hold while the planning permit for the construction of the new children’s centre is subject to an appeals process in VCAT.

We are expecting an outcome from VCAT on the Fern Street Children’s Centre redevelopment soon and so we are reactivating our design consultation with the expectation that these two projects will be delivered along a similar timeline.

Click on each of the playgrounds below to see the interactive plans. Consultation is now closed and your feedback will inform the detailed designs of the upgraded playgrounds.

In progress

We are currently working on, or soon to start, upgrades of these playgrounds in 2022. Click on the links to view the new designs.

We are responding to your feedback and also going back to further improve these playgrounds that have already been upgraded. Visit the Retrofit playground upgrades page to see pictures of the new playgrounds or click on the links below to see the full design plans:

Now open for play

Thank you for being involved in the consultation process for Banksia Reserve, Beach Park Sandringham Gardens, Landcox Park, Royal Avenue Park and Tjilatjirrin Reserve.

All these upgraded playgrounds are now open. Please visit and enjoy the new playspaces in a COVID safe way.

  • Banksia Reserve

    Now open!

  • Beach Park Sandringham Gardens

    Now open!

  • Landcox Park

    Now open!

  • Royal Avenue Park

    Now open!

  • Tjilatjirrin Reserve

    Now open!

Frequently Asked Questions

From Brighton to Beaumaris, over a 10-year plan we're upgrading all 61 playgrounds around the municipality.

Since 2015 we have upgraded 22 of Bayside’s 61 playgrounds. Bayside’s Playground Improvement Plan (2015-25) will see all of Bayside’s playgrounds upgraded with an investment of $10.3M.

Playgrounds are upgraded in accordance to their size, level of accessibility and choice of play and recreational activities.

Each playground has been assessed to determine its priority for upgrade and to understand how much budget to allocate.

Find out how each playground has been classified in the Playground Improvement Plan available in the document library.

The level of supporting infrastructure and service will be determined by each playground’s classification.

Things outside of each project scope include:

  • Changes to dog off leash areas
  • Car parking and access
  • Improving public toilet facilities, aside from the new public toilet currently being constructed at Royal Avenue Park.

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