Reconciliation Action Plan launched

Council is excited to launch its Reconciliation Action Plan during NAIDOC Week (7-14 July).

The Reconciliation Action Plan marks the start of Council’s journey towards Reconciliation. The focus is on Relationships, Respect and Opportunities.

We’re inviting people in Bayside who identify as Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander to help shape and deliver Council’s Reconciliation Action Plan as we celebrate and protect the Indigenous cultural heritage in the City of Bayside.

We look forward to receiving expressions of interest, please see more information below.

What is a Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP)?

A Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) is a strategic document that outlines actions that will drive an organisation’s contribution to reconciliation both internally and in the communities in which it operates.

The 'Reflect' template has been used for the development of Council's RAP. This demonstrates that this is the start of Council's reconciliation journey. This allows Council to spend time scoping and developing relationships with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander stakeholders and deciding on a shared vision for reconciliation.

What is the aim of Council's RAP?

Bayside City Council is committed to developing and implementing a RAP with the aims of:

  • Building relationships between Council, the Indigenous community and the broader Bayside community;
  • Celebrating and acknowledging the unique Indigenous heritage of Bayside; and
  • Improving Council services for Indigenous people.

Consultation closes on Sunday, 12 May 2019.

Reconciliation Action Plan Working Group

A key action of the RAP is to establish a Reconciliation Action Plan Working Group (RAPWG). This will be achieved within the first 12 months of Council endorsing the RAP.

The RAPWG will actively monitor RAP development and implementation of actions, track progress and approve reporting. The RAPWG will be made up of representatives from relevant Council departments, Indigenous people, Indigenous organisations and key stakeholders. It is likely that this group will meet 2-3 times a year.

If you are interested in joining the RAPWG, please contact Lauren Waycott on or via 9599-4444.

Council strongly encourages people who identify as Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander to express interest.

‘Paint the country’ by Vicki Couzens, Bayside City Council collection

‘Paint the country’ by Vicki Couzens, Bayside City Council collection