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Project updates

Project overview

To retain Bayside's leafy character and grow our urban forest, we need to improve our protection of trees.

Bayside's tree canopy is protected through the Bayside Planning Scheme Vegetation Protection Overlay (VPO) and the Neighbourhood Amenity Local Law.

In Bayside, you need a permit to remove a tree on your property that has a single or combined trunk circumference greater than 155cm measured 1m above ground level.

We're updating our Local Law guidelines to protect more healthy trees and strengthen alignment between planning and local law permit applications for tree removal.

We're also planning to include special considerations for more vulnerable residents so, when a protected tree is causing a major issue, we can either support them with services to retain and manage their tree(s) or recommend tree removal. These considerations could include access safety, disability, financial hardship or complex medical needs.

The updated Local Law guidelines will be used when assessing tree removal permit applications, superseding the current Management of Tree Protection on Private Property Policy.

Consultation closed on 13 August 2023.

Community engagement report

Feedback on permit criteria to remove protected trees.

Minor changes proposed

  • The size criteria of a tree that requires a Local Law permit to remove.
  • Situations where a Local Law permit is not required, including removing part of a tree that poses an immediate risk to persons or property or pruning the tree provided these works are carried out by a qualified arborist, as well as removing trees that are declared noxious weeds, and whether a building permit has been granted necessitating the removal of a protected tree.
  • Introducing special considerations for disability, access safety, financial hardship or complex medical needs to support vulnerable residents either retain their tree(s) or permit tree removal.
  • Protecting more trees by removing some permit assessment considerations, such as consideration for the number of other protected trees on the site, or neighbours' support for removal.
  • Clearer and increased replanting requirements for every tree removed to increase canopy and middle/understorey planting.
  • Ensuring the Bayside Landscape Guidelines and Urban Forest Strategy Precinct Plans inform replanting requirements, such as appropriate species selection for the area.
  • Assessing the tree for its habitat value to native wildlife.
  • Replacing the Management of the Tree Protection on Private Property Policy with updated Local Law guidelines for Tree Protection.

Large trees are protected in Bayside

Eight trees in row marked with measurements of the trunk circumference. Three trees are very large and would need a permit to remove.

A Local Law permit would be required to remove one of the trees labelled with a blue box as they have a trunk circumference greater than 155cm measured 1m above ground level. The trees marked with white box would not currently need a permit as their circumference is less than 155cm.

What do you think about the proposed changes?

Have your say on the proposed changes to the Local Law guidelines for tree protection. Consultation closed 13 August 2023.

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Submissions closed 13 August 2023

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