Bayside City Council has developed a plan to upgrade William Street Reserve. William Street Reserve is a much valued and well-used recreation facility in the heart of Brighton.

William Street Reserve Pavilion is identified in the Accelerated Sportsground Pavilion Improvement Plan as a high priority for an upgrade to ensure it continues to meet the requirements of the tenant clubs for any ability, age or gender.

An initial assessment was conducted of the existing building to assess whether any elements could be retained. To ensure that the pavilion provides the most effective layout to meet the tenant club’s current and future needs and has a clean modern appearance with low maintenance, a demolition and reconstruction option was assessed as the most appropriate response to the identified needs.

Due to site constraints, the works will be delivered in the following stages:

  • Stage 1: Establishment of temporary facilities for Club and Contractor
  • Stage 2: Construction of the new pavilion; and
  • Stage 3: Construction of the new cricket nets.

About the project

Consultation has concluded

Sportsground lighting

New sportsground lighting will improve sporting facilities and player safety.

The lighting will provide an appropriately lit oval allowing sports players to train safely during twilight and evening.

The lighting:

  • Includes four 25 metre powder coated poles with lamp fittings as per the attached map.
  • Is independently certified to meet Australian Standards for light glare and spill.
  • The planned height and location of the poles and positioning of the lamps will ensure light is directed onto the sportsground and not into surrounding properties.
  • Will be used by sports clubs during weekday twilight and evenings from April to September.

New pavilion and cricket nets

William Street Reserve hosts both summer and winter sport as well as being used for organised sport by local schools.

A new modern pavilion is proposed to replace the existing building including:

  • female friendly change rooms
  • all abilities access
  • a new public toilet for use by park users.

The new pavilion will be sited more centrally in the reserve, closer to the basketball court.

New cricket nets will be installed adjacent to the new pavilion.

Vegetation Retention

William Street Reserve is mainly open parkland with mature trees scattered throughout.

Significant trees will be retained, with additional planting and landscaping of low grasses and shrubs around the new pavilion.


William Street Reserve Upgrade

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William Street Reserve Playground

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