Thank you to everyone who participated in our community engagement on the Discontinuance and Sale of Right of Ways, Roads and Reserves Policy review.

Between 21 September – 19 October 2022, we heard from 28 community members via online survey and email about their views on proposed changes to this policy.

Strong support and a few concerns:

Most respondents (89%) were supportive of Council choosing to retain land to support environmental objectives (expand open space, habitat corridors etc), and very high support (92%) was recorded for taking a more assertive position regarding illegal occupation of land

Respondents were divided (46% supported and 42% opposed) as to whether Council should enable a right of way/road to be discontinued if pedestrian access is available via other points or only occasional vehicle use (eg trailers).

There was also slight opposition (55%) to offering a discount on the market value of land if it can’t be reinstated for public use and where a government body does not own or have interest in the land.

What we’re doing:

Council officers are recommending the adoption of the Discontinuance and Sale of Right of Ways, Roads and Reserves Policy 2022 on the basis that the:

  • findings of the community engagement were positive
  • majority of survey respondents found the draft policy easy to understand, explains the process clearly and sets out a fair and consistent approach
  • issues that were raised, such as discounts on the market value of land and pedestrian access requirement for sales of land, will be effectively managed through the new policy.

The policy has also been reviewed by legal counsel.

Community engagement summary report

Next steps:

Council will consider community feedback and a proposed Discontinuance and Sale of Roads Right of Ways and Reserves Policy for adoption at its December 2022 meeting.

Council meeting 6.30pm, 20 December