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Consultation on character in moderate growth areas - General Residential Zones - was conducted over eight weeks from 18 November 2021 – 16 January 2022. All homeowners/residents of property located within Zones included in this Review were invited via letter to participate.

This first phase of engagement was designed to understand if draft preferred future character statements were consistent with resident’s perceptions and expectations of their area.

The consultation attracted over 350 participants, and drew local knowledge from new and long-term residents, with many surveyed living in their zone for more than 20 years (36%).

Council will consider community feedback and the next steps for this project at its February 2022 meeting.

When asked to describe the character of their local area, common themes were:

Many survey participants (65%) provided suggestions for ways to improve the proposed future character statements. Common themes in feedback were:

Most survey participants (74%) also provided suggestions for how Council should manage moderate growth in GRZ neighbourhoods. Common responses included:

Please see the engagement report for detailed feedback on each character precinct.

Next steps

Council is considering community feedback and the next steps for this project at its meeting on 15 February 2022. Read the agenda for this meeting.

Community feedback will be used to refine and set preferred future character objectives for specific precincts within GRZs. These character objectives would sit under applicable schedules in the Bayside Planning Scheme to guide the assessment of future development proposals that require planning approval, with the aim of establishing and protecting a preferred future character.

It is anticipated that a second phase of consultation would be via a planning scheme amendment process.

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Read the complete engagement report

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