Wilson Recreation Centre renewal

We are seeking feedback on a proposal from Brighton Grammar School (BGS) to renew the sportsground at Wilson Recreation Reserve and manage the maintenance over a nine-year license agreement.

This sportsground reconstruction will address surface and drainage issues at the site, to ensure the sportsground can manage the high level of shared use.

Key elements include:

  • replace the centre synthetic cricket wicket
  • install new drought tolerant instant turf
  • new irrigation system
  • construct low-level fencing (900mm) along Outer Crescent to minimise risk of balls entering the roadway and ensure the sportsground can manage the high level of shared use.

What's next

If the proposal proceeds the sportsground will remain accessible year-round for both passive and active community use, when not allocated for community or school sports activities.

Bayside community cricket clubs, including Brighton Cricket Club, will continue to be allocated use for the summer tenancy period from October to March and other community groups such as Bayley House will continue to have access to the sportsground. It should be noted that activities within Bayside’s municipal reserves are regulated under Division 2 of the Neighbourhood Amenity Local Law. In this context, this means that access to the playing area of a municipal reserve during a sports match or gathering is restricted to players, competitors or officials while the match or gathering is in progress

This consultation focuses specifically on the proposal from Brighton Grammar School, considering any impacts this proposal may have on the availability of open space within the local area.

Council has already heard from various stakeholders about their views for the future of the sportsground and determined that its an important community asset that will continue to be used for its prime function of a sportsground.

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Please review the supporting information in the tabs below before submitting your feedback on the proposal. Your feedback will help to inform the Council decision at the August 2021 meeting

Brighton Recreation Centre upgrade

More information on community consultation undertaken and what is planned next