About this project

In April – May 2023, we heard from five participants through the online survey hosted on our Have Your Say page about the proposed Council Plan Year 3 Action Plan. There were no participant written submissions or questions submitted to the online Q&A forum.

Participant feedback:

Feedback on the proposed Annual Action Plan was limited, however the five completed surveys showed a high level of detailed consideration of the Action Plan.

Overall, there was agreement that the proposed actions would help progress the delivery of all goals:

  • Goal 1: Our Planet (60% agreement)
  • Goal 2: Our People (80% agreement)
  • Goal 3: Our Place (80% agreement)
  • Goal 4: Our Promise (60% agreement).

Concerns raised included high-density and precinct development, mental health and wellbeing support; the perception that Council’s focus should be on roads, rates, rubbish – with consideration of the environment, lack of investment and support for organised community sport in comparison to investment in the warm water pool; and investment in open space infrastructure.

Concerns raised by participants are broadly categorised into three areas:

  • Issues that are already incorporated into the draft Action Plan such as mental health support (strategy 2.1.1) or gender inclusive changerooms in pavilions (3.2.1 not mentioned but is covered)
  • Matters that are more broadly operational or policy matters rather than strategic, such as sporting forums or resurfacing Hampton Street
  • Matters that can be taken as comment such as the need for a gateway building at Yalukit Willam Nature Reserve, and honouring commitments to renewing and rebuilding facilities.