Project objective

The Council Plan 2021 - 2025 was developed by a representative community panel to set priorities for Council over the next four years. It was adopted in July 2021.

The Council Plan is implemented each year through an annual Action Plan. At least once in each financial year, Council must consider whether the current Council Plan requires any adjustment in respect of the remaining period of the Council Plan and renew the Annual Action Plan and Annual Budget for the following year.

We are seeking feedback on the proposed Year 2 Action Plan from the Council Plan representative community panel and broader community to inform Council’s consideration and adoption of the Action Plan in June 2022.

Project impacts

The review will confirm how Council will deliver services and projects for the next four years to achieve the strategic objectives of the Council Plan 2021-25. This process is best practice under the Local Government Act 2020, and provides an important opportunity for the representative community panel members to consider how the Council Plan is being delivered.

What information do we need from the community?

We’re seeking feedback on the Council Plan Year 2 Action Plan from community panel members and the broader community

What can the community influence?
  • Provide feedback on the proposed Year 2 Annual Action Plan
  • Express views on priority and timing of actions suggested within the Plan
What can’t the community influence?

Stakeholders and community

This stakeholder assessment is a generalised understanding of sections of the community that have a connection to the project or matter. This information is used to understand the types of tools and techniques that will achieve the strongest and most effective outcomes for engagement and communication.

  • Impact: What level of change the stakeholder / community segment may experience as a result of the project / matter
  • Interest: What level of interest has been expressed or is anticipated
  • Influence: Reference to the IAP2 Spectrum

Stakeholder / community




Council Plan Community Panel members




General Bayside community




Selected tools and techniques

The tools and techniques selected for this project are informed by the project content, stakeholders and type of feedback sought.

Key tools for communicating the project
  • Email invitation to Council Plan Community Panel
  • This Week in Bayside e-newsletter
  • Email notification to Have Your Say members and Council Plan project subscribers.
Key methods for gathering feedback
  • Online engagement through Have Your Say, including opportunity to ask questions, as well as provide feedback


  • Timeline item 1 - complete

    Drafting of Action Plan

    Council endorsed draft Action Plan at its 26 April 2022 meeting. Read the minutes.

  • Timeline item 2 - active

    Community consultation

    27 April – 5pm 17 May 2022

    Read baout how we're engaging with our community on this project.

  • Timeline item 3 - incomplete

    Adoption of Action Plan

    28 June 2022

    Council expected to consider community feedback and adoption of Action Plan at its June meeting.

Decision-making process

Council will consider all community feedback and adopt a Year 2 Action Plan at its meeting on 28 June 2022.