Project objective

Bayside City Council is seeking community feedback on its draft Property Strategy 2022.

With the current and forecast growth in property, Council is committed to ensuring a robust set of strategic principles, objectives, policies and processes exist to guide its property-related decision. This is relevant for acquisition, leasing, use, maintenance and/or disposal.

The Property Strategy will enhance the performance of key property assets and in turn assist in delivering Council Plan objectives:

  • 2.3 Foster economic vitality, facilitating innovation and investment in our local economy
  • 3.2 Infrastructure and assets are sustainable, accessible and fit-for-purpose now and for the future

in the context of its long-term goals.

The Property Strategy will also deliver on the Community Vision Key priorities including:

  • 5.2 Making use of public areas and infrastructure to encourage all people to be involved
  • 6.1 Innovative methods, ideas and products to drive Council’s future planning.
  • 8.2 Bayside will improve accessibility to public infrastructure
  • 9.3 All assets leased, and any project considered by Council will be subject to a cost benefit analysis in the period prior to renewal of a lease/undertaking of project.

Project impacts

The scope of the strategy is Council Freehold land, Crown Land under Committee of Management, discontinued roads and rights of way, property that is leased, licenced or otherwise occupied by third parties and easements. Property that is used for public open space, roads, bushland reserves and parkland is outside the scope of this Strategy.

Council has a range of roles in managing property. These roles include planning for the long-term delivery of Council services, land and property maintenance, management of tenancy arrangements with community and commercial tenants and the strategic use of property assets to achieve broader community benefit.

Later in 2022, Council will be consulting on the Lease and Licensing Policy which is directly related to the Property Strategy. Please select the blue +Subscribe button at the top of the project page to be kept updated of opportunities to provide feedback on the Lease and Licensing Policy.

What information do we need from the community?

The community is invited to read the draft Strategy, particularly the five Goals, and provide feedback on the Strategy. Are the actions clear and do you feel they will deliver the Goals as outlined? Is there anything you would like to change?

What can the community influence?

  • The community can make suggestions on all aspects of the draft Property Strategy 2022 to be considered by Council.

What can’t the community influence?

  • development of a Property Strategy
  • property that is used for public open space, roads, bushland reserves and parkland.

Stakeholders and community

This stakeholder assessment is a generalised understanding of sections of the community that have a connection to the project or matter. This information is used to understand the types of tools and techniques that will achieve the strongest and most effective outcomes for engagement and communication.

Impact: What level of change the stakeholder/community segment may experience as a result of the project /matter

Interest: What level of interest has been expressed or is anticipated

Influence: Reference to the IAP2 Spectrum




IAP2 Level

Current commercial tenants of Council property




Community groups that lease Council properties




Businesses/groups interested in leasing Council property




General Bayside community




Selected tools and techniques

The tools and techniques selected for this project are informed by the project content, stakeholders and type of feedback sought. The impact of COVID-19 restricts our ability for face-to-face communication, as well as slower distribution of printed mail.

Key tools for communicating the project

  • website news story
  • Council’s e-newsletter, This Week in Bayside
  • emails to key stakeholders, including tenants
  • social media

Key methods for gathering feedback

  • online engagement through Have Your Say, including opportunity to ask questions, as well as provide feedback
  • printed copy of the draft Strategy available at the Corporate Centre.


  • Timeline item 1 - complete

    Community consultation

    27 April – 22 May 2022
    Read how we’re consulting with our community on this strategy

  • Timeline item 2 - active

    Consideration of community feedback

    A Community Engagement Summary Report will be prepared

  • Timeline item 3 - incomplete

    Strategy adopted by Council

    Council expected to consider community feedback and adopt a Property Strategy at its 28 June Council meeting

Decision-making process

Council will consider and if appropriate endorse the draft Property Strategy 2022 to be released for community consultation at its 26 April 2022 meeting. Consultation on the draft strategy will be held for a four-week period from Wednesday 27 April – Sunday 22 May 2022.

Community feedback will be collated and presented to Council for their consideration and amendments made to the draft Property Strategy 2022, as required. It is expected that a report on community feedback and the proposed Property Strategy 2022 will considered for adoption by Council at its 28 June 2022 meeting,

The agenda for this meeting, including the community engagement report and Council Officer's recommendation in relation to the draft Property Strategy, will be published on 23 June 2022 on Council's website. Project subscribers will be notified when the report is available.

All Council meetings are live-streamed via Council’s website. Community members can also ask a question or request to be heard at this meeting.