Council’s vision for cycling is: ‘To increase cycle use throughout Bayside, facilitated through the development of infrastructure which is safe, well connected, convenient and attractive for cyclists and the promotion of cycling as a healthy and sustainable mode of transport.’

The draft Bicycle Action Plan released for community engagement included actions for shared paths on Park, Reserve and Cheltenham Roads. At the May 2019 Council Meeting, Council resolved that these sites be removed from the Action Plan. Further information is available here

At the June 2019 Council Meeting, the revised Bicycle Action Plan was presented for adoption and the report to Council is available here

The adopted Bicycle Action Plan is available here

Project context

We have a plan to improve cycling infrastructure and accessibility throughout Bayside but some improvements may not be within the scope of the project or within Council’s jurisdiction.

Major roads such as Nepean Highway, Beach Road, Bay Road, South Road, Balcombe Road, Centre Road, North Road, Hampton Street, Bluff Road, are owned and managed by VicRoads. Council cannot make physical changes to these roads or the speed limits. We still encourage your feedback, we can advocate on behalf of the community.

Council has recently conducted a thorough review of the Bay Trail in 2012. A program of improvements is already underway. You can read more about these projects on the Bay Trail improvements project page. The list of priority Bay Trail improvements is available in the document library.

We are already working on improving a number of cycle facilities across the municipality

  • Park Road bicycle lane/off-road path feasibility and build
  • Carpenter Street on-road bike lane
  • Asling Street on-road bike lane

Community ideas - March 2019

Would you like to provide more information or raise a concern with cycling opportunities across Bayside?

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