Below we have provided the draft Masterplan for Black Rock Village Streetscape, along with illustrations of the proposed changes. Once you have had a chance to review, please take the time to answer a few quick questions under the 'your feedback' tab.

Draft Streetscape Masterplan

Image library


Indicative concept plan

Your feedback

Your feedback

Once you have reviewed the draft Masterplan and the illustrations, please provide your feedback below.

Paving Options

Choose your preferred decorative pavement option

This feature paving will be installed at each corner and crossing

Select your preferred asphalt option

Asphalt will be used in all other areas of the streetscape

If we proceed with feature text shown above, what is your preferred lettering type?

Tree options

We are planting new street trees and have selected the option below. Do you like this tree? Required

Banksia Integrifolia is an indigenous species to Black Rock and grows well in coastal locations.

New street trees
There are some other tree options available

If we don't proceed with the banksia shown above, in some or all locations. We have identified a number of secondary options. Select those you like.

Street furniture

A new contemporary range of street furniture, signage and lighting is proposed to bring a cohesive sense of place to the centre of Black Rock. Please refer to the image library for examples.

Select your preferred colour palette option

Here are some examples of the colouring palettes that will be used for feature pavement and street furniture.

General feedback

Please provide all other comments or concerns regarding the draft Masterplan.

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