June 2021 update

Council has deferred the detailed design phase of the Black Rock Village Streetscape project until 2025–26. Find out more.

Thanks for submitting your feedback, community consultation has now closed for this stage.

Black Rock is a unique coastal town celebrated for its local village feel. And we want to keep it that way!

We’ve asked people who live, work, and spend time in Black Rock for their ideas on how we can enhance the look and feel of the village and ensure it remains a vibrant and attractive hub for the community to enjoy all year round.

We’ve developed a few different design options for new footpaths, furniture and street trees and need a local perspective on the draft plan and the material options you think will work best.

We will use your feedback to finalise the streetscape Masterplan in 2020 before it is finalised and adopted by Council. The draft streetscape Masterplan is available here and via the survey page.

Council is investing $1.2 million in the upgrade of the Black Rock Village Streetscape.

This project is primarily considering the look and feel of the village, including:

  • Street furniture design and placement
  • Pedestrian movement throughout the centre
  • Trees and shrubs
  • Opportunities to make the Village unique, paving materials

As most roads within the Village are actually the responsibility of VicRoads, we will not be including changes to roads and traffic movement within the plan.

Other items not within the scope of this project include:

  • Changes to power lines
  • Car park layout and access
  • No changes to building heights and residential zones

There are no plans to upgrade the public toilet at the shopping centre, however Council will be upgrading the toilet in the foreshore reserve. You can read more about this here.

In the stage 1 of consultation Council sought to improve its understanding of what shoppers and traders like about Black Rock Village, the types of improvements they would like to see and gain a better understanding of their preferred look and feel for the centre.

A summary of key issues raised included movement through the area, updating amenities and activities, improving the village character and providing more street trees and landscaping.

In developing the draft plan we looked at a range of streetscape improvements to increase pedestrian access and open space in the area however are limited in available space and any opportunity to widen the footpaths would result in loss of car spaces.

As a result the draft Masterplan proposes a range of minor improvements to upgrade the look and feel of the village and improve linkages between the shops and the bay.

One of the key pieces of feedback from the consultation was that the red brick pavers were considered an unsafe surface for people with mobility issues and those with prams. We are replacing the red brick paving with a mix of asphalt and decorative paving in key focal points throughout the centre.

You still have the ability to choose from a range of materials to upgrade the feature paving that we will be installing, have your say by filling out a short survey below.