Following an extensive community consultation process, at the June 2019 Council Meeting, Council resolved to introduce in-ground vehicle detection sensors in:

  • Church Street, between Male Street and New Street
  • 21–27 Well Street car park;
  • Car park behind 115 Church Street;
  • Black Street car park; and
  • 5 Well Street car park.

The report to Council is available here

The sensors are very small and will not be noticeable once installed.

The final design of the signs will be informed by VicRoads standards.

Examples of each are shown below.

Sign locations were chosen to ensure best visibility for approaching traffic. Proposed locations are indicated in the Trial Area document in the library.

The following car parks have been selected for inclusion in the trial. These car parks are illustrated in the Trial Area document in the library.

  • Church Street (between Male Street and New Street)
  • 21-27 Well Street Car Park
  • Car Park Behind 115 Church Street
  • Black Street Car Park
  • 5 Well Street Car Park

Wireless sensors can either be directly mounted on the road surface, recessed within the road surface or placed beneath the road surface.

The sensors communication with electronic parking availability signage at strategic locations to provide real-time data to drivers about the number of vacant spaces in each location.

Information regarding parking availability can also be made available via a smartphone app to enable drivers to find out in advance which location they may be able to find a vacant parking space.

The technology will collect data so Council can better understand the demand on parking in different locations and across different times to inform future improvements.

The sensors will also be used to inform enforcement through monitoring where vehicles have overstayed time limits.

Council do not foresee any immediate changes to the existing parking restrictions within the area as a result of this initiative, nor do we have the intention of introducing paid parking.

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