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About the parking technology consultation

We'd like your feedback on the technology we have introduced to make finding public parking around Church Street in Brighton easier. Electronic parking signs and a mobile UbiPark app were introduced in 2020 and we'd love to hear your thoughts on whether you use them and if they are helpful.

We have two separate surveys - one for traders and anyone who works for a business on Church Street and one for anyone else who shops, visits or dines in Church Street. Consultation is open from 19 January - 16 February 2022.

  • Shopper survey

  • Trader survey

Community engagement plan overview

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About the new technology

Finding an available car park in Church Street is much easier now with our real-time parking guidance signs and parking mobile app.

Similar to Chadstone shopping centre, Church Street in Brighton has electronic parking signs that show you where the nearest vacant parking spaces are. Now you will have more time to do your shopping or meet up with friends for coffee or dinner.

How do they work you ask? In-ground sensors beneath each parking space, talk to the main computer system, which then updates the signs in real time showing you where the available spaces are. The app works the same way but of course, you would need to check that at home before you leave because no-one wants a fine or an accident while looking at their phone!

To download the UbiPark app, click on the links below according to the type of phone you have: