At the meeting held 23 October 2018, it was resolved that Council:

1. defers consideration of the Black and Well Street car parking proposal;

2. investigates maximising the use of existing parking capacity in streets within a short system integrated with real-time parking availability signage and app-based driver this technology in February 2019; and

3. undertakes further community consultation on options to improve car parking resolution.

The Council Meeting minutes are available here.

Insufficient parking in and around the Church Street shopping strip is a key concern raised by both traders and residents. In response to these concerns, Council has looked at its available parking sites in this area to determine how parking spaces could be increased.

The Well Street car park behind Woolworths and the Black Street car park on the corner of Carpenter Street both provide good locations for increased public parking facilities.

Council has developed a range of options but before we move to a more detailed design phase we want to hear from the community about if and how, any redevelopment should occur.

The construction and maintenance of multi-storey car parks is expensive and Council is committed to any possible redevelopment occurring in a way that is cost-neutral to the community. To achieve this goal, the creation of the business case for each option requires both Well and Black Street sites to be redeveloped.

The preliminary options have been developed to comply with relevant discretionary planning controls in terms of height limits, set-backs and parking provisions.

Where are the sites?

Map illustrating two two locations