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Council Plan and Year 4 Action Plan adopted

Council adopts Council Plan Year 4 Action Plan at its June 18 meeting

Bayside’s Council Plan is delivered each year through an annual Action Plan.

The annual Action Plan details what we’re doing towards achieving our Council Plan goals over the next 12 months, and how we’ll measure our progress.

Community feedback gathered in April - May 2024 helped us to ensure the annual Action Plan 2024-25 continues to align with our community’s aspirations, as articulated in the Council Plan 2021-2025

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What you told us

Read about community feedback on the proposed Council Plan Year 4 Action Plan and next steps.

As custodians, we will lead, act and advocate on the critical issues of environmental sustainability and climate emergency, and on our shared responsibility to care for and protect Earth’s vitality, diversity, beauty and the community of life.

Key actions

1. Implement Climate Emergency Action Plan (CEAP) for 2024-25, including:

  • Investigate the feasibility of extending the current solar installation program from Council buildings to other Council assets, including carparks and footpath shading.
  • Continue the roll out of electric vehicle charging infrastructure across the municipality.

2. Implement the Love Bayside campaign including:

  • The Solar Savers program, to enable the community to reduce their carbon footprint, in-line with Council’s community emissions net-zero target.

3. Commence implementation of the Highett Grassy Woodland Masterplan

4. Progress implementation of Wetlands under the Yalukit Willam (Elsternwick Park) Masterplan 2020.

5. Advance vegetation protection and the Urban Forest Strategy including:

  • undertake a Planning Scheme Amendment to introduce the Significant Tree Register into the Bayside Planning Scheme
  • investigate and seek to progress a municipal wide Vegetation Protection Overlay (seeking to shift controls from the Local Law into the Bayside Planning Scheme)
  • partner with key community groups to implement Urban Forest outcomes to support enhance ground cover.

6. Implement the Recycling and Waste Management Strategy 2018-27, including:

  • In partnership with Sustainability Victoria, deliver the ‘Small change, big impact’ campaign to reduce contamination in the kerbside recycling and organics bins.
  • Review and update Bayside's Recycling and Waste Management Strategy to reflect the transition to the 'circular economy'.
  • Implement a community waste avoidance and education program to reduce waste generation and improve recycling outcomes.

We will plan and advocate for a Bayside where our diverse communities and people can thrive, live healthy and active lives, fostering inclusion and participation through holistic, innovative approaches to economic and social wellbeing.

Key actions

1. Commence development and engagement process for the Municipal Health and Wellbeing Plan in 2025-29.

2. Promote and expand access to aged care services to support residents to age safely at home in the community.

3. Implement the Billilla strategic business plan to conserve and activate Billilla.

4. Deliver diverse arts, culture and library infrastructure, services and programs in accordance with the new Bayside Arts, Culture and Libraries strategy.

5. Deliver a range of initiatives to continue to implement Bayside’s Volunteer Recruitment, Retention and Recognition Plan (2022-26), including with community groups and sports clubs.

6. Develop and commence implementation of Council’s second Innovate Reconciliation Action Plan.

7. Implement the following first year actions from the Economic Development, Tourism and Placemaking with a focus on:

  • Exploring opportunities to implement tour bus operator permits and fees as part of better management of the foreshore.
  • Investigating the ability to undertake digital marketing and social media assistance programs to support local businesses with low online presence.
  • Identifying opportunities to introduce mural art and lighting to enhance the appearance of activity centres.

Our open spaces and foreshore, our facilities and the built environment are highly valued, shared and enhanced to ensure their use, liveability, character, sustainability, and amenity for current and future generations.

Key actions

1. Finalise the Open Space Strategy review for adoption by Council.

2. Commence implementation of the Rehabilitation Plan for Wangara Road (multi-year plan).

3. Subject to community consultation, implement off leash dog parks at Banksia Reserve and William Street Reserve.

4. Deliver Council’s adopted program of capital works projects, across diverse categories (major projects, capital projects, replacement and renewal).

Progress development approvals process for Gateway building at Yalukit Willam Nature Reserve.

6. Commence Billilla Mansion restoration works and toilet facilities.

7. Implement actions from Council’s Integrated Transport Strategy:

  • Continue delivery of the accessible parking upgrade program.
  • Deliver initiatives, including capital projects and education campaigns, to encourage active and sustainable transport modes.

8. Undertake a review of the Heritage Action Plan 2020.

We will engage with and represent all in our community, and provide ethical, open and accountable stewardship of the Bayside municipality and deliver sustainable services that meets the vision and needs of the current and future generations of Bayside.

Key actions

1. Deliver the mandatory Councillor Induction Program to all Councillors to ensure 100% compliance of all modules.

2. Undertake a deliberative engagement process for the development of the 2025-2029 Council Plan and other strategic documents as identified within the Local Government Act 2020.

3. Review and adopt the 10-Year Financial Plan.

4. Deliver a program of work that responds to our customers’ changing needs, including:

  • Expand the Voice of Customer program to include additional Council services.
  • Develop processes to keep customers informed about every stage of their request.
  • Improve the knowledge and information shared on our website about Council services.
  • Review internal processes to improve customer resolution of service requests.
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Please review the draft Action Plan 2024-25 before providing your feedback.

The survey should take less than ten minutes to complete. Consultation closed 14 May 2024.

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  • Timeline item 1 - complete

    Drafting of Action Plan

    Council endorsed draft Action Plan at its 23 March 2024 meeting. Read the minutes.

  • Timeline item 2 - complete

    Community consultation

    24 April - 14 May 2024

    Read about how we're engaging with our community on this project.

  • Timeline item 3 - complete

    Adoption of Action Plan

    Council considered community feedback and adopted the Year 4 Action Plan at its meeting on 18 June 2024.

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