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A number of amendments to the final Policy were discussed at the Council meeting on 15 March 2022. The following amended motion was carried:

That Council

  • adopts the Footpath Trading Policy 2022–25 (Attachment 1) subject to:
    • the ability to vary the kerb zone clearance areas adjacent to angled parking spaces by up to 200mm subject to:
    • the provision of a physical barrier between the kerb zone and the trading zone b. the requirement that all footpath trading furniture must not exceed a height of 1.2 metres
    • a transitional requirement for all gas heaters to be discontinued as part of the 2025 permit renewal process Bayside City Council Council Meeting - 15 March 2022 Page No. 27
    • d. that footpath trading must cease as of 11pm nightly
  • amends the Local Law Guidelines by deleting the Footpath Trading Policy 2018 and replacing with the Footpath Trading Policy 2022–25 of the Local Law Guidelines
  • authorises the CEO (or the appropriate delegate) to notify the community of the amendment to the Local Law Guidelines via Council’s website”.


At the meeting on 15 February 2022, Council resolved "to defer consideration of this matter until the March 2022 Council meeting".

You can read a copy of all Council reports, attachment and minutes on our website.

Community engagement summary report

While footpath trading brings a vibrant atmosphere in our shopping precincts, Council must ensure that any structures placed on the footpath are safe and accessible for people with mobility issues, prams or wheelchairs.

We’re updating our Policy to ensure it meets the needs of Bayside's traders, their customers, and the community who visit and enjoy our shopping precincts.

Proposed changes to the Footpath Trading Policy

These are the main proposed changes to the existing policy:

  • heights and widths of allowable objects on the footpath
  • kerb zone to be widened in certain circumstances to protect diners
  • public liability insurance requirements
  • permanent planter boxes will no longer be allowed, moveable planter boxes may be allowed
  • installation of blinds from verandahs is not advised and must be discussed with Council and meet strict criteria before installation
  • installation of railings and glass screens is not advised and must be discussed with Council and meet strict criteria before installation.

Read the full draft Policy for more detail on these changes. A Word version of the draft Policy is also available.

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