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20 Wangara Road was previously used as a quarry and municipal landfill, which has contaminated the site.

We’re working with the Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) and other specialists to actively monitor the site and develop a plan to manage the contamination created through its former use.

We’ll be delivering this project in stages, commencing with a detailed plan to remediate the site.

Then, once we have a complete understanding of how best to remediate the site and the opportunities and constraints for future planning, we’ll be inviting the community to share their aspirations for the site to inform the development of a masterplan.

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The site is bound by two Environmental Action Notices (EAN) which have several associated requirements. We are working through these Notices collaboratively with the EPA to manage the soil contamination.

The Environment Action Notice requires any ongoing risks from the site continue to be monitored, prevented, and managed by Council over several years.

The Notices were issued because extensive investigations undertaken by Council identified the presence of elevated levels of contaminants (land fill gas and groundwater leachate). These contaminants are very common in former landfills; however, present significant development constraints, including what can or can’t be built or planted at the site.

The site rehabilitation plan will be developed with support from an environmental consultancy firm that specialises in contaminated land.

The plan will help establish the level of rehabilitation and remediation required before we can progress the masterplan process. It will also provide an understanding of built form and landscaping opportunities and constraints for the site.

The rehabilitation plan will be submitted to the EPA for endorsement by June 2023. Once the EPA approves our proposed rehabilitation plan Council will be required to implement that plan. The actions in the plan may span a number of years.

Following this, Council will progress the development of a detailed masterplan for the site (including community consultation).

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