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20 Wangara Road, Sandringham is being transformed into an interactive passive open space with an environmental focus for current and future generations to enjoy.

We’re seeking ideas to help us understand community aspirations for the site’s design and future use.

Information gathered from the community will inform the site’s draft masterplan, along with Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) requirements, and Council strategies and plans.

Due to the site’s historical use as a quarry and a municipal landfill, the site is subject to Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) Action Notices (EAN) and requires land rehabilitation. The proposed Rehabilitation Plan is being reviewed by the EPA.

The Rehabilitation Plan will form the roadmap to mitigate contamination at the site and guide Council’s understanding of the site’s opportunities and constraints.

It is anticipated the actions to rehabilitate the site will span several years. Pending EPA-endorsed rehabilitation actions, there may be scope to commence some preliminary works at the site. The visioning and ideas generated through this community consultation will assist in drafting the masterplan and implementation of an action plan where possible.

The scope for this renewal project is significantly limited due to the site contamination. This is largely in relation to the condition of the current landfill cap, ongoing compliance monitoring (leachate, stormwater, gas etc.), and additional future management considerations to address the landfill cap as part of the rehabilitation plan.

Delivering the Rehabilitation Plan actions, when endorsed by the EPA, will ensure the site is safe for future community use.

The site is bound by two Environmental Action Notices (EAN) which have several associated requirements. We are working through these notices collaboratively with the EPA to manage the soil contamination.

The Environment Action Notices require any ongoing risks from the site continue to be monitored, prevented, and managed by Council over several years.

The notices were issued because extensive investigations undertaken by Council identified the presence of elevated levels of contaminants (landfill, gas and groundwater leachate). These contaminants are very common in former landfills; however, present significant development constraints, including what can or can’t be built or planted at the site.

The site’s Rehabilitation Plan was developed with support from an environmental consultancy firm that specialises in contaminated land.

The Plan established the level of rehabilitation and remediation required before we can implement a masterplan and open the use for community use. It also provides an understanding of built form and landscaping opportunities and constraints at the site.

Constraints based masterplanning

The scope for this renewal project is significantly limited due to the condition of the land. This means:

  • Specific site controls are in place, and further environmental action notices (EANs) are anticipated in response to the Rehabilitation Plan submitted to the EPA
  • There are strict limits on what can be implemented and built on the site
  • Features likely to be implemented ✔️

    • Infrastructure including paths, benches and tables
    • Shallow growing vegetation (subject to assessment)
  • Features unlikely to be implemented ❌

    • Deep rooted plants and trees
    • Infrastructure requiring foundations or piling
    • Additional enclosed buildings

How to participate in this project

  • Via the digital ideas board on this page
  • Face-to-face at:
    • Sandy Fest, Sandringham Village, 1pm - 4pm Saturday December 2
    • Sandringham Twilight Market, Foreshore Reserve, 3pm – 6pm Saturday February 3
  • Ask a question in the Q&A forum
  • Book a meeting or email Elley Thomas, Biodiversity and Foreshore Planning Officer,
  • Phone 03 9599 4407
  • In person at the Corporate Centre at 76 Royal Avenue, Sandringham
  • Post to Bayside City Council, PO Box 27 Sandringham 3091
  • Anonymously via the postal, phone or email details above

Please note: Materials can be provided in accessible formats on request

Submissions close 5.00pm Wednesday 28 February 2024

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Project updates

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Background information, including information from previous consultations and decisions regarding the Wangara Road site

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