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Consultation closed 26 May 2024

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Is this a place you’d like to spend time in the future?

We’ve drafted a masterplan for 20 Wangara Road based on community aspirations and site constraints. Now, we want to know if we’ve got it right.

The constraints-based draft masterplan is designed with consideration of the significant development limitations at the former quarry and landfill, and the extensive rehabilitation and ongoing monitoring required by the EPA.

The draft masterplan is designed to regenerate the 6-hectares of land after we undertake actions in the rehabilitation plan. The masterplan will transform the former waste site into a tranquil destination and deliver a passive open space where native vegetation, wildlife and visitors can thrive.

Popular community ideas included in the draft masterplan:

Explore some elements of the draft masterplan

Artist impression of the new design layout for the 20 Wangara Road draft masterplan

During the first phase of community consultation, we heard strong support for more active use of the site, such as sports courts for pickleball, basketball or volleyball, as well as all-weather sports grounds.

The infrastructure associated with these ideas was not considered viable by contaminated land consultants who are assisting council with the site remediation as the site must remain permeable, has limitations around additional associated facilities (deep foundations, infrastructure, lighting, etc.) and wasn’t in alignment with the rehabilitation plan requirements that guide the site’s future use.

Council has previously resolved that this site be used for passive open space purposes as there are limitations as to what can be constructed over the landfill cap.

The sporting contributions were not in alignment with the submitted rehabilitation plan (requirements which guide safe site and intended land use). As such, the site is not suitable for sports such as pickleball, basketball or other sports that courts needing foundations and/or drainage.

The Environmental Protection Authority has issued several Environmental Action Notices on the site requiring adherence and ongoing compliance monitoring (leachate, stormwater, gas etc.).

The site’s history prevents significant digging and laying of deep foundations (as would be required to develop infrastructure like sporting fields/courts and the necessary complementary infrastructure like drainage, toilets and pavilions).

The site and proposed landfill cap must also remain largely permeable and undisturbed to allow for appropriate drainage, erosion and gas migration risks to be mitigated appropriately.

However, there may be opportunities to create small areas of informal active zones within the site and this is being explored further by Council officers. The existing driving range enclosed building is recommended for demolition based on constraints. By using the existing slab and thoughtfully redesigning the area, we could create informal active zones in the site for community use.

Fortunately, this area of Bayside is already well-served with community sporting infrastructure, with many facilities within 1km of this site, including:

  • Bayside Community Sports Centre (including netball and cricket facilities)
  • Sandringham Family Leisure Centre (including indoor pool and basketball facilities)
  • Tulip Street Park BMX track
  • Tjilatjirrin Reserve (including three sports ovals playground and baseball, soccer and bowling facilities)
  • Royal Avenue Skate Bowl, tennis centre, playground and off-leash dog park
  • Highett Tennis Club
  • Sandringham Golf Course and driving range
  • Black Rock Bowling and Tennis club.

Given the strong feedback for active recreation in the first phase of community engagement, officers are reviewing where mountain biking and organised sports sits within the broader recreation strategy.

Mountain biking was the most popular community suggestion, receiving strong community support with innovative ideas for the site proposed by community members.

This idea was investigated with Council’s appointed contaminated land consultant. Unfortunately, the site was not deemed feasible for a formal BMX and/or pump track as creating a MTB track would cause significant disturbance to the topography, impact onsite drainage and lead to extensive erosion of the landfill cap and banks.

However, the draft masterplan has incorporated natural path networks for exercise opportunities including cycling, walking and jogging. This is an inclusive option that is suitable for all cycling abilities and age groups.

As well as the constraints due to the site’s historical use, it was found that 20 Wangara Road is lacking both the space and elevations to create a suitable formalised MTB track. While the banks of site at Wangara Road are steep, they are also narrow, liner, lined with mature trees and pose risk for erosion/drainage measures in place in the rehabilitation plan. The permitter loop is also less than 800m in length.

Fortunately, the site is in very close proximity to the Tulip Street BMX facilities and other operational tracks across Melbourne and further afield in rural Victoria. These include facilities at Forrest (80km of track across 17 trails), Bright (100km of track across 70 trails), Redhill (20km of tracks across 1 trail), Harcourt (34km of track across 11 trails), Lake Mountain (94km of track across 24 trails), Falls Creek (40km of track across 21 trails). Other notable sites are available at the You Yangs, Mount Beauty, Mount Buller and Yackandandah.

Council has previously resolved that this site be used for passive open space purposes as there are limitations as to what can be constructed over the landfill cap.

Although consideration and investigation into mountain biking related ideas was significant, the masterplan has remained in alignment with the previous resolution to ensure the site remains as passive open space and is consistent with the EPA required submitted site rehabilitation plan.

Given the strong feedback for active recreation in the first phase of community engagement, officers are reviewing where mountain biking and organised sports sits within the broader recreation strategy.

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