We are cleaning and bringing life and colour to Bayside thanks to a grant from the Victorian Government. We asked for your help to develop themes that characterise your neighbourhood and let the artists know what makes your suburb special. Your opportunity to Have Your Say is now closed. Read what you told us in the Community engagement summary report.

Your community themes have been used as the creative inspiration for the artists to design street art murals to be installed across Bayside’s shopping strips, foreshore and public assets. Painting of the murals will begin from 13 August.

To find out more about graffiti removal and to report graffiti on public property, visit the Bayside City Council website.

Artist impression of design on wall of public toilet - shows birds and trees

The design for a public toilet in Dendy Park, Brighton.

Bayside City Council is pleased to support this Working for Victoria project to help get people back to work following the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic. This six-month project will improve participants’ skills and confidence to obtain ongoing employment. The project is fully funded by the Victorian Government.

Six cleaning team members, two graffiti removal team members, two mural artists and one senior mural artist will clean graffiti from Council and other public assets across Bayside and create murals in shopping centres, parks and the foreshore to ensure that Bayside remains an attractive place to live, work, shop and visit. The cleaning team are also involved in cleaning public assets and picking up litter.

Bayside City Council is leading the project,in partnership with Council’s Open Space and Infrastructure Maintenance contractor, Citywide. The Working for Victoria team members have been given appropriate training and are fully supervised.

Meet the artists

Two artists have been chosen as part of the street art mural project to bring colour and life to Bayside's shopping precincts and foreshore and to deter graffiti. Jason Parker is the senior artist on the project and will be mentoring and working in collaboration with Daiana Ingleton.

Read more about the artists and their work.

Street art murals

Street art murals

We have recruited some fabulous artists to design and paint murals in and close to shopping centres across Bayside. Murals will be painted on public toilets in Dendy Park, Gardenvale and Hampton; Sandringham Life Saving Club; Beaumont Street underpass in Sandringham; VicRoads signal boxes; United Energy power poles; and the Well Street bridge in Brighton.

Many graffitists respect street art as an art form and do not like to ‘tag’ over it. If street art is installed on public assets such as signal boxes and bridges, it limits the areas where graffiti can be done.

Your feedback on themes for your suburb has informed the brief for the artists. The artists have prepared concept designs to be evaluated against the community developed themes and approved by the asset owners (VicRoads, United Energy, PTV and Council).

The successful designs will be shared with the community and the murals will be painted across Bayside from August – November 2021.

The final designs will be selected by a volunteer panel consisting of:

  • Joanna Bosse is the Curator of Bayside Gallery, owned by Bayside City Council, and is leading the Panel process for selecting designs created by the artists.
  • Ian Cochrane is Secretary of the Sandy Street Art Project and is a Sandringham resident and a writer, with a background including Visual Arts, Engineering Design, Local Government, Project Management, Web Design and Social Media.
  • Geoff Bransbury is a long time resident of Beaumaris and the founder and leader of Neighbourhood Watch 3193 Graffiti Busters program which was a finalist in the 2020 Keep Australia Beautiful Awards. Geoff has also been involved with NHW 3193’s mural projects in Black Rock and Beaumaris. Geoff is passionate about keeping Bayside beautiful and works tirelessly as a community volunteer.
  • Daniel Vaughan is a local restaurateur who has owned and run The Pantry Group since 1993. Daniel lives in Bayside, his children attend school in Brighton and he thoroughly enjoys being involved with the community wherever he can.
  • Leanne Johnson is the Cleaning and Graffiti Management Officer at Bayside City Council and is coordinating the Working for Victoria Graffiti and street art project in partnership with CityWide.
  • Beaumaris toilet with graffiti

  • Beaumaris toilet with mural

Graffiti removal

Graffiti removal

Crews have already begun removing graffiti across shopping centres in Bayside. The graffiti removal team systematically removes graffiti from publicly owned assets such as Council-owned buildings, playground equipment, seats, signs, bridges, signal boxes, power poles and fences. The project scope also includes some privately owned fences along Nepean Highway which will be removed in consultation with the owners.

To find out more about graffiti removal and to report graffiti on public property, visit the Bayside City Council website.

  • Before

  • After


The Working for Victoria team is cleaning publicly owned assets such as bins, pedestrian crossing signals, seats and handrails. The team also picks up litter in shopping centres car parks and along the shared path along the foreshore.

  • Sanitising shopping strips

  • Cleaning bins

  • Picking up litter on the foreshore

Have your say - NOW CLOSED

The community consultation was held from 16 June - 6 July and is now closed.

Your feedback has been collated into a brief for the artists that they will use to inspire their design concepts. Read the Community engagement summary report here. The panel will also use the community’s themes as selection criteria for approving the final designs.