This site presents an opportunity to access Federal Government funding announced for Hampton and provide a multi-deck car park, incorporating a mix of commuter parking and extra visitor parking for the centre.

There are opportunities to explore lightweight or prefabricated options to minimise on-site construction time and ensure there is minimal disruption for traders and residents. A prefabricated option may also allow the development to be dismantled and removed from the site in the event a different outcome is sought in the longer term, should the reliance on private vehicles change. This will also allow for the site to be considered for other potential uses if the site is no longer required for car parking.

There is opportunity to create a small amount of commercial or community floorspace at the ground floor to ensure that the building frontage is activated and that the building appears from the street as something more than just a car park.

Providing extra car parking at this location, whether it be a long term option or a more short term option, would also allow for additional car parking to be provided to offset the loss of any car parking whilst the community hub is being constructed in the Willis Street Precinct. The ground floor uses also provide the opportunity for temporary community spaces whilst the community hub is constructed, and the community centre may be temporarily displaced.

There is opportunity for landscaping to be provided at the site interfaces and the car park structure to be appropriately screened and designed. This will ensure the building is attractive and transitions appropriately.

A laneway will be created between the proposed car park and the library to allow for an attractive and vibrant node that creates activity beside the car park.

The former library building will be sold following the library being relocated into the new Hub.

This development will be prioritised over the Community Hub building so that the impacts of construction in relation to car parking can be managed, with this site providing some relief for motorists whilst the Hub is being constructed.