Like all of Melbourne, Hampton is growing and changing. As well as supporting an ageing population, Hampton is attracting more young people and young families. Our planning for the future needs to consider the increased demand for community facilities and services and evolving needs of different residents.

To ensure that community facilities and services meet the future needs of our community, Council is undertaking a social needs assessment.

Council currently owns 13 properties in and around Hampton Street which accommodate a range of community services and facilities, including:

  • Community Centre
  • Library
  • Playhouse
  • Senior Citizens Centre
  • Maternal and Child Health Centre
  • Scout Hall
  • Seven car parks

Many of these buildings are ageing and have been designed for a specific purpose, so they have limited ability to be adapted to meet changing needs.

What’s next?

It’s now time to look to the future and get an understanding of what values are most important in regards to the provision of community services and facilities.

Before we start to look at options for service delivery, we are seeking your feedback and ideas on what you value most about our community services and facilities so that we can ensure any options developed can be tested and evaluated against these values.

Consultation closes on Monday May 20.

Council currently owns a number of buildings and sites within the Hampton activity centre which provide meeting places and services to the community. Some of these services are operated by Council, with others run by committees of management. In looking to our future community needs, the following are relevant:

  • Flexible and adaptable spaces to meet the changing needs of the community
  • Facilities that cater for the needs of all ages abilities and cultures;
  • is accessible in terms of design, location, cost and connection to sustainable transport modes;
  • Provide intergenerational services and spaces;
  • Provide spaces that encourage social interactions (e.g. kitchenette, couches); and
  • Provide opportunities for cross-referral and efficient service delivery.

In early 2018, Council conducted an assessment of the existing facilities and services provided within the Hampton Street Major Activity Centre (MAC). This aimed to assist Council to determine the appropriate mix of spaces, services and functions that could ultimately be provided within a centralised hub facility.

The need for upgraded library in facilities in Hampton was identified in a 2016 review of library services across Bayside. This assessed the existing 180 square metre library building as inadequate as it represents one fifth of the industry standard for a contemporary library. The review identified the potential relocation and upgrade of Hampton Library into a new facility within the Hampton Activity Centre.

To inform future decision making a broader community facilities and services assessment is required to consider opportunities beyond our existing service provision.

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