The Hampton - Our Place project is a large scale change and will take a number of years to develop the final design, confirm funding and begin construction.

There will also be multiple rounds of consultation involved. One this page we will keep information relevant to previous consultation. The information will be presented in stages.

To date 3 stages of consultation have been completed leading to the development of the Hampton Public Land Masterplan.

Stage 1c Consultation

This phase of consultation gathered feedback on the draft Masterplan and three key aspects of the plan including the Playhouse, the sale of public land and the multi-deck car park as these are areas where feedback has been divided in the past.

Based on feedback from stages 1 ad 2 the draft Hampton Public Land Masterplan recommended the long term direction for all 13 Council-owned sites within the Hampton precinct including the library, Community Centre, Playhouse, Senior Citizens Centre, Maternal and Child Health Centre, Scout Hall and car parks. Each site will have an important role to play in delivering infrastructure to meet future community needs and will deliver a centralised intergenerational facility at which the community can gather, enjoy more public open space and improved car parking.

Consultation was open from 23 July to 9 August 2020.

Due to the impacts of COVID-19, Council did not host face to face information sessions for the public to attend. Stakeholders and the community were able to review information, ask questions and provide feedback through online tools; phone, email and hard copy materials.

Stage 1b consultation

This second stage of consultation was undertaken from 29 July to 26 August 2019. This activity sought to understand community preferences and feedback on two different options:

Option 1: Centralised

Option 2: Dual site

A video explaining the two options is provided below. View the summary of findings of this phase of engagement.

At the September 2019 Council Meeting, the outcomes of the Stage One community consultation and proposed next steps for the project were presented. The report to Council is available here

Council resolved to:

  1. Progress the concept design of a centralised option for future community facilities.
  2. Investigate opportunities to partner with the State and Federal governments to deliver a commuter carpark at the Service Street/Thomas Street car park.
  3. Receives an update report at its February 2020 Ordinary Meeting.

Stage 1a consultation

This consultation for this first phase of engagement was held in May2019. This activity sought to understand what the Hampton community valued the most in relation to the village and the community infrastructure.

View the findings of this phase of engagement.

The online 'vision board' has been retained below.

Through the community engagement processes, the following community values were identified and validated:

  • Hampton is safe and accessible;
  • Hampton has a ‘village’ scale and feel;
  • Hampton is green and people focused;
  • Hampton has high quality public space and community amenities;
  • Hampton offers an active community life; and
  • Hampton is sustainable and ready for the future.

The community engagement feedback identified the following key objectives were of high value:

  • High amenity open space and access to nature;
  • Integration of open space/public spaces and services for all ages/access;
  • Pedestrian and cycling amenity, public and active transport options;
  • Better management of parking and congestion;
  • Sustainable building design;
  • Minimising over shadowing and optimising access to natural light;
  • Strong connectivity with the library, community centre and playhouse;
  • Retain ‘village feel’ of Hampton; and
  • Investigate the opportunity for a multi-campus approach to community facilities.