Project objective

To develop Council’s new Municipal Public Health and Wellbeing Plan 2021 – 2025.

Project impacts

Bayside’s new Health and Wellbeing Plan will be a key strategic planning document that aims to maintain and improve public health and wellbeing at a local community level. The Plan will be utilised by Council, local health service providers and community organisations to set policy and partnership priorities for the next four years, focusing on current and emerging health issues that have the greatest impact on the community.

What information do we need from the community?

  • We want to understand and gather local community health and wellbeing priorities.
  • We want to identify potential solutions and partnership opportunities to improve health and wellbeing in Bayside.

What can the community influence?

  • Health and wellbeing priorities
  • Programs and partnership opportunities to improve health and wellbeing
  • Provide feedback on the draft Health and Wellbeing Plan

What can’t the community influence?

  • Timelines for the project
  • Budget for programs and activities

Stakeholders and community

This stakeholder assessment is a generalised understanding of sections of the community that have a connection to the project or matter. This information is used to understand the types of tools and techniques that will achieve the strongest and most effective outcomes for engagement and communication.

Impact: What level of change will the stakeholder / community segment experience as a result of the project / matter

Interest: What level of interest has been expressed or is anticipated

Influence: Reference to the IAP2 Spectrum. This project has been assigned at the ‘Consult’ level. This means we will keep you informed, listen to and acknowledge concerns and aspirations, and provide feedback on how public input influenced the decision.





Bayside Health Ageing Reference Group
Bayside Neighbourhood Houses and Community CentresHHCollaborate
Community Agencies who work in Bayside or support residents in Bayside including but not limited to (Family Life, Women’s Health in South East, BayCISS, Launch Housing, AccessCare)LLInvolve
Community Health Services (Central Bayside Community Health, Connect Health and Community, Alfred Health and Monash Health)MMInvolve
Disability Access and Inclusion Advisory Committee MHInvolve
Wider Bayside community LLConsult
Youth Ambassadors CommitteeLMInvolve

Selected tools and techniques

The tools and techniques selected for this project are informed by the project content, stakeholders and type of feedback sought. The impact of COVID-19 restricts our ability for face-to-face communication, as well as slower distribution of printed mail.

Key tools for communicating the project

  • Direct liaison with Bayside Health Ageing Reference Group, Disability Access and Inclusion Advisory Committee and Youth Ambassadors Committee.
  • Social media, especially 'sponsored' posts to increase audience reach
  • Council's e-newsletter This Week in Bayside
  • Email notification to HYS members
  • Direct emails to key stakeholder groups
  • Pop up engagement at locations in Bayside e.g. senior centres, art gallery and library.

Key methods for gathering feedback

  • Online engagement through Have Your Say
  • Hard copy survey distributed to older residents and on request to other stakeholders.
  • Hard copy idea boards at Libraries, Art Gallery, Senior groups
  • Face to face focus conversations with groups such as first time parents

Project timelines

  • Timeline item 1 - complete

    Survey of residents

    November 2020 Household survey of 400 residents in Bayside

  • Timeline item 2 - complete

    Phase 1: community engagement

    February 2 - March 12 2021

    Gather community feedback on health and wellbeing priorities

  • Timeline item 3 - complete

    Phase 2: Discussion paper and testing ideas-

    April – May 2021

    Respond to this discussion paper by providing Council feedback on the posed questions

  • Timeline item 4 - complete

    Draft plan develop and presented to Council

    July 2021

  • Timeline item 5 - active

    Phase 3: Community consultation on draft plan

    July 22 - 21 August 2021

  • Timeline item 6 - incomplete

    Bayside’s Health and Wellbeing Plan 2021-2025 and action plan released

    October 2021

  • Timeline item 7 - incomplete

    Implementation of actions

    November 2021

Decision making process

All Victorian councils are required under Section 263 of the Public Health and Wellbeing Act (2008) to develop a Municipal Public Health and Wellbeing Plan (MPHWP) within twelve months of Council elections.

  • Bayside’s MPHWP will be developed and delivered to Council for endorsement in October 2021.
  • Bayside’s MPHWP will reflect the views of the community and how council can best support improved health and wellbeing within Bayside over the next four years.
  • To successfully develop the MPHWP Council needs to understand the community’s health and wellbeing priorities, as well as work with the community to generate solutions.

The project timeline above outlines the multiple consultation phases and anticipated timelines for Council decision making.