Activity closes 31/12/2019 at 11:59 PM
We have a limited annual budget for informing the community about Council services and projects, and seeking your feedback. Which products and resources would you prioritise - if you were in charge?
Your remaining points:
60 pts

8-page Lets Talk Bayside magazine, ten issues, in your letterbox

  30 Votes (7%)
40 pts

16-page Lets Talk Bayside magazine, six issues, in your letterbox

  63 Votes (14%)
20 pts

Letters and flyers delivered to your mailbox

  54 Votes (12%)
10 pts

Council news sent to your email on topics you choose

  99 Votes (22%)
40 pts

Weekly advertisement in Bayside Leader

  35 Votes (8%)
20 pts

More updates on Council's social media - Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

  79 Votes (18%)
10 pts

Signs advising of projects in your neighbourhood

  89 Votes (20%)