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Project closed

Council granted the new leases for Brighton Golf Course at its February 2024 meeting.

Project updates

What you told us about the proposed leases

Project overview

We sought community feedback on proposed leases to BlueFit to manage the operation of all current and proposed facilities on the Brighton Golf Course site.

This would be under three separate leases for the Golf Course, proposed Warm Water Pool, and the proposed Wellness Centre.

BlueFit is a leisure focused company that manages aquatic centres, golf courses and leisure facilities all around Australia. In Bayside, BlueFit currently manages the Brighton Golf Course and operates the Sandringham Family Leisure Centre swimming pool.

The Brighton Golf Course site currently returns approximately $250,000 in annual rental for the Golf Course alone. The proposed new leases will increase the return from the site, generating two new revenue streams and more investment into the course, as well as community benefits from wellness and therapeutic facilities.

Find out more about the proposed leases below. Consultation closed 5pm, 20 December 2023.

The proposed new leases include substantial investment in the site:

  • Timeline item 1 - complete

    $1 million capital investment in the Golf Course

  • Timeline item 2 - complete

    $1.5 million investment into the Warm Water Pool facility including the new Pro Shop

  • Timeline item 3 - complete

    Proposed Wellness Centre fully funded and delivered by BlueFit

What are the proposed terms?

Here is a summary of the key terms for each lease. Each lease will also set out rights to utilise the shared parking at the site.

Brighton Golf Course covers an approximate area of 320,000m2 between Dendy Street and South Road, Brighton. The proposed Golf Course lease will also include a new Pro Shop (120m2 approx.) within the proposed Warm Water Pool building (subject to final design).

Under the proposed lease terms, BlueFit will invest $1 million towards improving the golf course.

  • Permitted Use: 18 hole golf course and related golf activities
  • Commencement Date: Date of surrender of current lease
  • Commencing annual rental: Market rent review including 1.5% turnover rental
  • Rent free period: 2 years in Term 1
  • Term: 10 years with option for further 10 term with market rent review
  • Rent escalation: CPI
  • Capital Investment: $1,000,000 in Term 1
  • No cap on maintenance contribution and new maintenance schedule.

The site currently returns around $250,000 for the Golf Course lease alone. Council will undertake a Market Rent Review to set the starting rent to ensure maximum sustainable rent from the site.

This lease area for the proposed Warm Water Pool facility covers approximately 2,225m2 east of the car park plus an area for pumphouse and utilities (subject to final design).

Under the proposed terms, BluFit will invest $1,000,000 into the Warm Water Pool facility and $495,000 into the Pro Shop.

  • Permitted Use: Warm Water Pool, Café, Pro Shop, and associated allied services
  • Rent Commencement Date: issue of certificate of occupancy
  • Rent free period: 8 years
  • Term: 10 years
  • Options for further terms: 10 years
  • Commencing annual rental: $60,000 plus GST
  • Turnover rental: 1.5% turnover rental disregarding any rent free period
  • Rent escalation: CPI
  • Capital investment: Warm Water Pool $1,000,000 and Pro Shop $495,000.

This facility is likely to attract different user groups at different times. A service agreement will be prepared and annexed to the lease to be reviewed annually. This agreement will set out (among other things) a high-level approach to managing activities to ensure appropriate access for therapeutic uses.

The lease area for the proposed wellness centre covers approximately 14,000m2 adjacent to the Dendy Street boundary and 13th hole of the golf course (subject to final design and Town Planning approvals).

Under the proposed terms, BluFit will fully fund the proposed wellness centre, which is expected to cost more than $25 million to build.

  • Permitted Use: Wellness Centre, hot bathing pools & associated health facilities, food and beverage service and infrastructure
  • Rent Commencement Date: issue of certificate of occupancy.
  • Rent free period: 10 years
  • Term: 15 years
  • Options for further terms: 2 x 15 years
  • Commencing annual rental: $250,000 plus GST
  • Annual Turnover Rental: 7.5% of the amount by which gross sales exceed 12.5 x the base rent payable plus GST disregarding any rent-free period. Subject to a cap of double the base rent.
  • Rent escalation: CPI
  • Capital Investment: Fully funded by tenant. Subject to final design (original estimate $25 million)

Consultation closed 20 December 2024

Please note the scope of this consultation is only on the proposed leases for the Brighton Golf Course site. The proposed Warm Water Pool and Wellness Centre is subject to separate consultation process.

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Please note: Materials can be provided in accessible formats on request.

Submissions closed 5pm 20 December 2023

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