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What you told us

Read the results of the first phase of community engagement on the warm water pool and wellness centre proposals.

  • ​A public warm water pool​

    Warm water pools are small pools heated between 32 - 34°C and suited for gentle exercise, rehabilitation activities and toddler swimming lessons. A traditional lap swimming pool is heated between 27 - 29°C.

    Proposal includes:

    • Main warm water pool with moveable floor
    • Second warm water (Clinical) pool
    • Allied services such as physiotherapy
    • A café; and
    • Accessible design and changerooms for people with high or complex needs.
  • A privately funded wellness centre

    Initially a private facility, leased and operated by Leisure Management Services (the current lessee of Brighton Golf Course). At the end of the lease period, ownership will be handed to Council.

    Proposal includes:

    • Indoor and outdoor mineral hot springs and plunge pools
    • Spa and sauna
    • Snow room
    • Reflexology walk
    • Pilates/Yoga studio
    • Café and retail
    • Associated changerooms and amenities

Scroll through the tabs below to explore the preferred location; facilities to be offered in the public Warm Water Pool and the proposed Wellness Centre plan.

Brighton Golf Course site

The north-east corner of Brighton Golf Course is the preferred location for the Warm Water Pool because:

  • It’s a central location in Bayside, with good access by road and public transport
  • There is a high proportion residents aged 60+ in the neighbouring area
  • The site would have less environmental and residential impacts than other locations
  • There is sufficient space to meet the expected parking needs
  • Ensures multi-purpose use of public open space and community infrastructure
Photograph of Brighton Golf Course showing proposed location of warm water pool and wellness centre

Warm water pool facilities

A public Warm Water Pool facility that is affordable and accessible will support the health and wellbeing of our community - in particular our ageing population, residents with disability or health condition, our large sporting community, and parents with young children

There are many proven benefits of warm water exercise including pain management, recovery and rehabilitation, treatment of chronic conditions and improved mobility and wellbeing.

The Warm Water Pool facility will include two pools for community use and clinical rehabilitation and programs, as well as allied health services like physiotherapy and occupational therapy. It will provide opportunities for all in the community to benefit from warm water exercise, including learn to swim.

It will be a public facility with a fee structure set by Council to ensure it is affordable for people on pensions and with low incomes. The facility will be carefully designed to be accessible for people of all abilities, including changerooms and other features for people with high and complex needs.

Please note this image provides only an indication of the facilities and services that are proposed to be provided at the warm water pool facility. Design of the proposed warm water pool will not commence until July 2022, subject to community and Council support.

Wellness Centre site plan

It is proposed that the Wellness Centre facility will include indoor and outdoor mineral hot springs and plunge pools, a spa and sauna, snow room and reflexology walk and a range of related rejuvenation services and programs.

The facility would initially be a private facility, leased and operated by Leisure Management Services (LMS - the current lessee of Brighton Golf Course). At the end of the lease period, ownership will be handed to Council. The facility will meet all contemporary accessibility standards.

The Wellness Centre would be designed, built and funded by LMS.

Aerial image of Bayside coloured blue with Have Your Say logo on left hand side

Survey closed 3 April 2022. Please select the blue +Subscribe button at the top of the page to receive updates about future engagement.

  • Timeline item 1 - complete

    Investigation of feasibility and potential sites

    In 2018 community members petitioned Council to introduce a hydrotherapy/warm water pool accessible for all residents for a wide range of health conditions.

    In 2020, a Warm Water Pool feasibility study considered the demographic characteristics of Bayside and confirmed that a warm water pool in most locations would receive high usage.

    Following the exploration of 11 sites across Bayside, Council endorsed the north-east corner of Brighton Golf Course next to the car park as a preferred site for a public warm water pool in December 2021.

  • Timeline item 2 - active

    Community engagement: Support for idea

    21 February – 3 April 2022

    This phase is to understand community support for the proposals.

    Council is expected to consider community feedback and next steps at its June 2022 meeting.

  • Timeline item 3 - incomplete

    Community engagement: Concept designs

    Expected early 2023

    This phase of consultation will focus on the concept design, specialised supports and fee structure to ensure the facility is accessible and inclusive.

    Community feedback from this phase would be expected to be considered by Council in by mid 2023.

  • Timeline item 4 - incomplete

    Detailed design

    Early 2023

    A planning permit will be required for this project. Community members will be able to provide feedback on the detailed design via the statutory planning process.

  • Timeline item 5 - incomplete


    From mid-2024

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