The community was consulted in November 2017 on the concept design to establish a dedicated cycling path at Middle Brighton Baths, that will separate pedestrians and cyclists. Click here to view the concept design. At the December 2017 Council Meeting, the duplication of the Bay Trail within this high risk area was endorsed to separate cyclists and pedestrians along this busy section.

Key improvements for completion in 2019 include:

  • Construction of two speed humps allowing cyclists to cross the road into Middle Brighton Gardens
  • Installation of new pedestrian only boardwalk in front of Brighton Yacht Club, separating cyclists from pedestrians
  • Upgrade to existing streetscape including removal and/or replacement of bollards, concrete pavement and line marking.

Council has also endorsed plans to upgrade the section of the Bay Trail between Sandown Street and the Royal Brighton Yacht Club and will consider funding for this project in the 2019/2020 Council Budget.