Council’s heritage consultant has considered the submissions received during the first phase of community engagement and reviewed opportunities for revisions. The draft Heritage Study documents published for this phase of engagement are available to view here.

As a result of the information provided by affected landowners, Council’s heritage consultant has now made its final revisions to the draft Study.

There are 10 places identified in the draft Study that are no longer recommended for inclusion in the Heritage Overlay, as these places were considered to no longer meet the threshold for local heritage significance due to the undertaking of alterations, additions and/or demolition that had significantly altered these places.

Statements of Significance and Heritage Citations for properties that had undergone alterations that were still considered to meet the threshold for local heritage significance have been updated to provide a more accurate representation of the place.

Other edits and minor corrections have also been made where further information has been provided by owners. An outline of the changes made is provided in the revised draft Study.

Revised Post-war Modern Residential Heritage Study

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Updated 14 July 2022